Nominations for the 2016 CMS Critic Awards are Now Open

I'm pleased to announce that the nominations stage for the 2016 CMS Critic Awards are now open. You can cast your nominations by visiting the awards page.


This year, we've decided to go with the following categories so please be sure to submit your favorites in each:

  • Best Blogging Software
  • Best Website Builder
  • Best Free CMS
  • Best Open Source CMS
  • Best New CMS
  • Best Enterprise CMS
  • Best Small Business CMS
  • Best Document Management System
  • Best Learning Management System
  • Best Intranet Software
  • Best Enterprise Portal
  • Best Social Network Software
  • Best eCommerce Software
  • Best Marketing Automation Software
  • Best Forum Software
  • Best CRM (Client Relationship Management) Software
  • Best Analytics Software
  • Best Managed Hosting Provider – WordPress
  • Best Hosting Provider

Also, please ensure that when you submit your nomination, you provide a detailed reason why you feel the product or company you are submitting should be included in the shortlist for an award. We appreciate your submissions but single line answers aren't helpful when it comes to determining the best of the best so please do be descriptive.