Nominate your Favorites for the 2013 Critics Choice CMS Awards!

As you may already know, the nomination stage for our 2013 Critics Choice CMS Awards has been open for almost one month. There is one month to go before nominations close and we begin shortlisting potential candidates for the voting stage.

We've prepared this handy badge to use on your site to help inspire your supporters to cast their nominations. Please feel free to use it in your efforts to boost your nominations.

nominate us - cms awards

We're coming down to the wire now for the nominations to get them in while you still can. Remember, these awards are not just here as a popularity contest either so if your community is small and you are worried about not getting enough nominations, don't be. There's a reason we've broken these awards into two types; Peoples Choice and Critics Choice. The latter does not require nominations at all. (more details on the awards page as to how it works).

Best of luck to you all!