New Version of Zoho Sites Helps Users Build Beautiful, Modular Websites with Advanced Customization Options

Today, Zoho launched a new version of its DIY website builder, Zoho Sites. The new, clutter-free interface offers a range of advanced features, including pre-built website sections, dynamic backgrounds imagery (videos and parallax images), and more page elements. This update also expands the customizations available in the product, allowing users better creative control over their design.

“This major release makes Zoho Sites a true no-code platform, helping users create beautiful websites by supporting all major design elements and features,” said Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist, Zoho Corp. “With rich design layouts, templates and customization options, the new builder provides a tailored experience that caters to the website needs of any business category.”

Highlights of the New Zoho Sites:

Pre-built Website Sections: Zoho Sites now offers a selection of layout templates that help users structure and design web content. The templates cover various categories, such as Heading, Image, Icon, Newsletter, Box, Tab, Accordion and Carousel. Users can simply drag and drop the desired section into the page builder.

More Page Elements: Additions to the Elements tray provide users with more creative tools for experimenting with their page design. The new page elements include Content Containers, Icons, and Dividers.

Dynamic Backgrounds: Users can now add videos and parallax images to the background of a webpage. By placing compelling visual imagery behind static page content, users can create a more engaging and immersive browsing experience.

Access Restriction: Users can make their website private and manage their website's visibility from both the public and within the organization.

Quick customization pop-up: Whenever users add an element or section, a pop-up offers them design and formating options to personalize content layout and properties. The tools in the pop-up are layout-specific, which makes customization quicker and more precise.

New UI: The new look and feel of Zoho Sites strikes a balance between clean design and robust usability. Navigating within the website builder is straightforward, and all integrations are just a click away.

Integrations with Zoho and third-party products: Users can get to know their audience better by using integrations with Zoho SalesIQ, Zoho CRM, Zoho PageSense and Zoho Campaigns. These integrations allow website owners to engage with visitors via live chat, collect user data via forms, observe visitor activity via Zoho PageSense and keep visitors in the know via newsletters.

Pricing and Availability

The new Zoho Sites is available immediately. The free version includes access to a full range of website building tools, while the paid versions offer more advanced functionality. Paid subscription starts at $5/site/month for an annual subscription of the Essential Plan, increases to $12 for the Professional Plan and $20 for the full-featured Ultimate Plan. For more information on Zoho Sites, please visit:

Zoho Sites is also part of Zoho One, the company's all-in-one suite of applications for running an entire business.