New Concrete5 Release Brings Tons of New Features

Recently, Concrete5 5.6.0 was released and it brings some new features to the popular open source CMS. Concrete5 is often seen as a solid alternative to the traditional big three (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress) and this new release is packed full of features to make it extra attractive to both developers and users alike.

First off, comes a new completely rebuilt advanced permissions system that brings the following changes:

  • More granular permission control that maps directly to common concrete5 tasks.
  • Ability to control which users or groups CAN’T do something, as opposed to only allow those who CAN do something.
  • Ability to grant a permission to only those users in a particular combination of groups.
  • Ability to control which users and groups can add which types of block site-wide and in simple permissions mode.
  • Restrict permissions to various roles, including “uploader of the file”, “page owner”, etc…
  • Shortcut for enabling guest view access on blocks.
  • Group Sets can group groups together for organizational purposes, permissions.
  • Fine-grained, granular controls on content types, permission types.
  • New user permissions to control who can edit which users, assign which groups, etc…

Check out the video below for a run through of the new permissions system:


Also included in this release are improved mobile support, a new extendable workflow system, performance improvements and more. For a full list of changes, check out the Concrete5 5.6.0 release notes.