Nebo Launches Cross-Platform Voice CMS Framework For Brands And Marketers

Nebo, a human-centered agency built for the digital age has announced the launch of NeboVoice CMS to offer voice services to marketers. This standalone solution for voice apps and skills follows the announcement of the beta Voice CMS functionality that was added to NeboCMS earlier this year.

The NeboVoice CMS gives brands the ability to more easily capitalize  on future opportunities in a rapidly growing space. Much like the  functionality of the base CMS, the standalone NeboVoice CMS integrates  with Amazon Alexa and Google Home allowing marketers to publish audio,  video, image and text-to-voice content to skills, actions and flash  briefings. Content is able to be published in real-time or scheduled  allowing users to create better experiences for their audience.

"One of the biggest barriers to creating voice apps and skills is the  lack of easy-to-use technology to manage and push voice content," said Jenn Vickery, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nebo.

According to TechCrunch, voice assistants in use will triple to eight  billion by 2023. In 2019, Amazon surpassed 100,000 Alexa Skills on its  devices globally, while Google topped more than one million unique  Google Actions available to users. Along with the creation of the  NeboVoice CMS, Nebo has a fully dedicated Voice team to offer clients  the ability to take advantage of current voice capabilities and trends.

"Voice is the fastest growing consumer technology in the history of the world," said Jay Goodwin,  Strategist and Voice Team Lead at Nebo. "Brands and marketers are  trying to figure out what their voice strategy should be and how to  implement and manage their solutions. We want to empower them to do that  on their terms."

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