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MX Linux Review – Version 17 – An Excellent All Around Linux Distribution

MX Linux is a popular and fast Linux distribution based on Debian stable that is currently in version 17.1. Today, I’m going to take you through my MX Linux Review to see why this distribution is so popular.

One of the best things about MX Linux is the variety of custom tools that have been built to make the life of the user easier. The team of devs at MX Linux have really outdone themselves making every single possible need as easy as possible with their MX apps.

Installation is super smooth using their custom installer and I experienced no issues whatsoever with the process. From my experience, there were also no hardware issues but I’d be curious to know the experiences of others as well so please let me know in the comments.

Upon first boot-up, you are presented with their customized XFCE desktop.

mx linux 17 - review
MX Linux Desktop with Welcome Screen

The welcome screen that pops open offers links to the various resources on the web for support, discussions and video tutorials as well as their tools, tweak panel and more.

Let’s take a look at the tweak panel first.

mx linux 17 - review 2
MX Linux 17 Tweak Tool

The tweak tool allows you to make adjustments to the panel positioning, changing the desktop theme and adjusting the compositor.

mx linux 17 - review 3
MX Linux Tweak Tool – Theme Selection

Next up is the MX Tools menu. This is where the magic happens people! There’s an app for almost everything you could want / need and they all work wonderfully to get the job done. Check it out:

mx linux 17 - review 4
MX Linux Tools

One such tool that does a great job of making things easy is MX conky. With it, you can quickly load a conky and position it, change the colors and format without ever having to touch a conky.rc file.

mx linux 17 - review 5
MX conky

One particularly good (and super fast) app that I’m a huge fan of is the MX Package Installer. Here you can easily manage installed apps and search for new ones with ease. Results are returned very quickly.

mx linux 17 - review 6

Switching to the Full App Catalog tab allows you to explore deeper and even switch repositories between Debian Stable, MX Testing and the Debian Backports repo with ease.

mx linux 17 - review 6 - 2
MX Package Installer – Full App Catalog Tab

From a performance perspective, when running the full desktop environment as well as a file manager, GIMP image editor, Firefox and a game, MX was still only using just under 600 megs of ram. From my point of view, that’s an impressive result.

With absolutely nothing running, the performance was equally impressive with only 320 megs of ram in use and a CPU usage of around 5%.

mx linux 17 - review 8
MX Linux 17 Review – Performance and Memory Usage

Overall, MX Linux 17 is a fast, responsive and well put together distribution. It includes tons of tools to help users and administrators get things done and it’s built on a rock solid base with Debian stable.

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?

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  1. MX-17.1 is my replacement for Mint 17.3, one of the best distros ever produced. Now that the Mint organization has gone all stupid, they have lost their Number One position. I can’t hang around waiting for them to try to recover, It’s not certain they even want to; they appear to have gotten as arrogant as Ubuntu was when it lost its top ranking. I was told by a moderator to go somewhere else if I didn’t like Mint now using systemd. I have taken that advice; the best I’ve gotten in a long time from the Mint organization.

  2. I’ve seen almost all of it now and MX is truly fantastic.
    Stable, light, fast, complete and feeling great. The best Linux distro I know of.
    Especially the ‘snapshot’ of the system and the other tools are like a warm bath.
    Just like what the have done for comfort of working with sound-apps.
    I hope it will stay this way in next versions. Then they become number one I suspect.
    (The question below by me remains. :smile:)

  3. MXLinux is great, really, but..
    Why does it change the label of the partition I put it on, a label which is not removable or changable for instance with Disks or Parted?

  4. Nice review.
    MX-17.1_x64 Horizon has stolen my allegiance from slackware to
    Thunar. The ability to right click on an item and be presented with
    options to Share a folder on your network,Delete,Move to trash,Create archive,
    chown, are convenient. MX has done a beautiful job with xfce.
    Connecting to a wireless network has never been easier. Broadcom wireless is detected out of the box. Beautiful for Older Dell laptops.
    Samba is a breeze. No need to edit numerous,arcane, text files.
    MX Package installer is fast and loaded with warez. Google-Earth is easy to install. I use Ipvanish. In MX vpn setup is straight-forward. Performance, even on older hardware is impressive. I run it on a 2010 era, asus M4A78LT-M phenom2 with 8 gig ram 120 gig sata 2 no name ssd without hiccups. The same is true on a Dell inspiron 1521 with 4 gig ram, and spinning rust 80 gig sata.
    As another poster has commented, setting the search engine to google should not be such an issue as it is in Linux-Mint. If the developers do not want to aid a heartless, ruthless, company, then it should set the browser to send no request to any site in the united states. MX-Linux leaves the systemd saga to the user. systemd is available, but you don’t have to use it. I like that. CHOICE… FREEDOM.. As I am shameful to admit, an american, Freedom is something I cherish, and it is disappearing rapidly in fascist trumpland.
    multimedia codecs are readily available in MX-Linux, getting avidemux and audacity installed is a click away, after enabling the repo in apt sources debian.list. grub2 works fine, it is easy to add a grub startup image, The grub config tools are excellent, keeping the system up to date with security patches is a breeze. I love MX-Linux and have re-routed my donation channel fromm slackware to mx-linux. I have installed it in dual boot scenario on my wifes hp laptop. She NEVER uses the windows 10 partition. I bust my rocks keeping the windows installation up to date, but she never uses it. MX-Linux ships with libreoffice and all the warez she needs for a happy computer/web-surfing user experience are already there. No antivirus program slurping valuable system resources and no privacy, resource robbing telemetry. hats off to the developers and karma will keep the team happy and prosperous.

  5. I was very impressed with the speed and stability of MX when running with persistence from a USB flash drive. This may well be it’s best feature. Highly recommend giving that a try.

  6. I have been testing MX on my second (privat) laptop, and it worked like a charm! Very fast and rock-solid. Now am considering / hesitating to install it on my main laptop, to replace Linux Mint 18 (Cinnamon edition). Mint is very ok, but it needs a lot of resources, that’s why the consideration.

    • I tested Mint 18 Mate when it came out.
      To remove a program like gksu in Mint for ‘safety’ was a bridge too far in my opinion. This is an Ubuntu-thing.. I tested that one too.. and I kept searching. Linux Lite was allright, but MX is better. And then the MX-tools.. it is for instance so easy to make snapshots in MX, which can easy be installed on another machine; Linux-freedom like in former days. I didn’t know what I saw when I played with MX. I hope very much it stays that good.

    • I like Mint but honestly, MX is so quick and stable that I’d likely end up going with it as opposed to Mint. The other issue I have with Mint is that I don’t like their silly forced removal of Google in the browsers and the ridiculous workaround one has to do in order to add it back.

      • Adding Google to Firefox is so simple even an old fart with minimal computer experience like me can do it. If you are going to knock a distro at least make it a serious complaint. By the way, I like MX (and Mint).

        • “I like Mint” sounds like knocking it to me. I’m perfectly entitled to not like the way someone does things. I didn’t slam Mint or say it’s absolute garbage or anything of the sort. I’m glad you know how to add Google back but since the effort of doing so involves having to Google a solution as opposed to simply selecting it like one should be able to do, I don’t believe it’s a good means of making your distro “user friendly”. If you are going to call the distro user friendly, then the process should be as well.

      • What workaround? I installed and run Chrome with ZERO issues, nothing was ever “forcibly removed”, or needed to be added back

        • I think you didn’t understand the answer completely. Nobody talked about Chrome. And yes, one can install Chrome and use it with zero issues. No need for using capitals.
          I believe mr Johnston means that in Mint Google is not the preferred search-engine. It isn’t even there in Firefox and one has to add it in order to be able to use it on the searchbar. Mint uses Duckduckgo as its main search-engine.

  7. I have been using Linux for over 15 years and this is the first distro that gives me a proper working grub to dual boot with Windows


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