Mura CMS version 5.3 available

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This release of Mura CMS contains dozens of new features and enhancements, and is the easiest to use, most powerful version of Mura CMS yet.

As always, you can access the new features of Mura CMS through our simple, one-click updater, and of course, all Mura CMS downloads now include the new features.

Some of the more important new features include:

  • Enhanced Theme Functionality – Mura CMS Themes have been greatly enhanced to allow the inclusion of business logic and custom functionality now – not just look and feel.  Themes can now include their own event handlers, custom content renderer, resource bundles, display objects, and more.
  • CKEditor 3.4 – Previous versions of Mura CMS have used FCKEditor (v2.x) for the text editing interface; we're now including the much-improved CKEditor 3.
  • JW Player 5.2 – We're now including version 5.2 of the open-source JW Video player.
  • Trash Manager – Deleted content items are now stored in Mura's trash manager. Restoring accidentally deleted items is a simple, quick process now.
  • Drag and Drop Site Manager – You can now re-order content in Mura CMS through a simple drag-and-drop interface!
  • jQuery/jQuery UI in Mura Admin – Plugin authors now have access to jQuery and jQuery UI by default, which makes creating great Mura CMS plugins even faster and easier.
  • New Default Themes – Mura CMS now ships with 4 themes, including the Blueprint and 960 Grid CSS frameworks, along with the Blue River-created Merced and Merced Lite themes.
  • Staging to Production Improvements – Clients who use Mura CMS in a staging-production configuration will see significant performance improvements (along with a couple nice bug fixes)
  • Lots of misc bug fixes and enhancements


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