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MODX Cloud Updated

MODX Cloud Gets Improved Backup Process

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MODX have unveiled a new series of updates for their cloud platform, MODX Cloud.

MODX Cloud is the hosted version of MODX, which allows users to build MODX websites using MODX's servers, optimized infrastructure, automatic backup management, and so forth. 

This update, coming a few weeks after the arrival of MODX Revolution 2.3.1. Unsurprisingly, this update now brings 2.3.1 functionality to MODX Cloud.

The MODX team have said that this update will enable users to save more time and benefit from improved security.

Here's a breakdown of what's new with MODX Cloud:

  • MODX Revolution version 2.3.1 available
  • PHP updated to latest stable release version 5.4.31
  • phpMyAdmin updated to latest stable 4.2.7 release
  • Improvements to PHP-FPM reload times
  • Updated and expanded User Guide
  • Streamlined trial signup flow and plans
  • Updated UI around MODX Revolution version upgrades

For more information, check out the blog announcement.

Also, be sure to explore more of MODX via our CMS Directory.

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