MODX Cloud Gets Improved Backup Process

MODX has pushed out a new update for its in-house hosting service, MODX Cloud.

The cloud hosting service provides MODX users with an environment to build websites using MODX servers across the world, the most recent of which was unveiled in Frankfurt, Germany.

This latest update brings about improvements to the backup process. Let's take a closer look.

Backup Retention Schedule Tweaked

MODX has updated the backup retention schedule for each Cloud instance.

Users can set them to as low as a single nightly backup, or increase them to up to 30-days of retention on a rolling basis. For safety purposes though, there's no option to disable backups completely, which is nice.

To adjust the schedule, users only need to click on the name of the Cloud from the Clouds view, click the Backups tab, and then position the slider.

Saving is automatic and the schedule will be adjusted for the next round of backups later that same night. Pretty smooth stuff.

MODX itself is built to handle a range of project types, from multi-domain global presences to a mobile API. I'm sure this update will come in handy for all those working with the PHP-based platform, no matter the size of their project.

To learn more, check out the Backups in MODX Cloud section of the MODX User Guide. To find out more about this update, check out the MODX Cloud blog.

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