Marketo & Vibes Team Up to Power Mobile Marketing Automation Solution

Marketo, the world renowned engagement marketing software vendor, has partnered with Vibes, a mobile marketing solution.

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The partnership will enable marketers to seamlessly integrate text messaging (SMS/MMS) and mobile wallet marketing (Apple Wallet & Android Pay) into their Marketo campaigns.

Tapping into Mobile Moments

According to recent Forrester Research, there are over 30 billion mobile moments each day in the United States alone.

To tap into those moments in a profitable way, Marketers need automated solutions that deliver both speed and personalization in order to meet consumer demands in real time. That's what this partnership is all about.

Mike Stocker, Marketo's Senior Director of Product Solutions & Innovation, agrees:

“Marketo clients are hungry to amplify their mobile marketing in order to build stronger relationships with their customers.

By integrating Marketo’s best-in-class marketing automation platform with Vibes’ best-in-class mobile marketing, we’ve created a solution that empowers marketers to reach consumers on their device of choice with both speed and personalization.”

With this integration, marketers can work with existing marketing channels to make the following happen:

  • Incorporate text messaging (SMS/MMS) into Marketo-driven marketing campaigns.
  • Add mobile wallet content to their email marketing campaigns to enable customers to instantly save offers and loyalty cards to Apple Wallet or Android Pay.
  • Utilize mobile wallet as the post-click destination for digital advertising campaigns in Marketo, powered by Vibes’ WalletAds solution.

Additionally, thanks to the power of marketing automation technology from both parties, marketers can also now offer consumers the ability to determine how they would like to receive personalized messages.

If a consumer prefers receiving sale notifications via text, marketers can send these messages via mobile, instead of relying on email.

Vibes' Co-founder and CEO, Jack Philbin, also chimed in about the importance of this new alliance.

“In many ways, communication on mobile devices is all about speed, convenience and ease of use, so it’s only natural that mobile is coming to marketing automation.

The most effective marketing is tailored to meet the needs of the end recipient, and more and more frequently we’re seeing that consumers prefer mobile. Combining the power of mobile with the automation technology of Marketo will unlock a solution that benefits both consumers and marketers alike.”

Marketo & Vibes: Marketing Mates

To help kick-start this partnership, Vibes will be on-site at Marketo’s Marketing Nation® Summit in Las Vegas between the 9th and 12th of May 2016. The event is expected to draw around 6,000 marketers from around the globe.

This isn't the first time these two marketing heavyweights have teamed up. Vibes was already part of Marketo’s LaunchPoint ecosystem, and I'd be interested to see if they have any plans to team up again soon on a new project.

Time will tell, but until then, you can check out

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