Magnolia announces new 6.2 release, with first ever headless digital experience hub

Magnolia today announces the launch of Magnolia 6.2, the latest version of its leading content management system (CMS), designed to manage connected experiences.

Along with a series of new features, Magnolia 6.2 provides a headless digital experience hub, which aims to take managing digital experiences in headless and omnichannel environments to the next level.

Within the hub, marketers can use Magnolia’s Visual Single-Page Apps Editor to re-use content across all channels and digital touchpoints, while maintaining autonomy for creating and editing all layouts and content. It also enables previewing of any experience before publishing.

Additional features mean users will be able to curate collections of content and data from external sources — with no programming required. Magnolia 6.2’s Multisource feature also allows for dynamic integration of multiple content repositories, whether on-premises or cloud, giving marketers a single access point to all available content and data that’s needed for greater personalization.

As an open platform, Magnolia 6.2 enables customers to choose the exact systems they need and helps them accelerate integration using Magnolia’s Connector Packs. New connectors to Salesforce Marketing and Commerce Clouds, Marketo, Adobe Analytics and more enable marketers to get out-of-the-box integrations to industry leading marketing technologies.

Commenting on the launch of Magnolia 6.2, Tim Brown, CEO at Magnolia said: “Brands today are expected to deliver personalized customer experiences across a myriad of different touchpoints. But it’s not easy. So much of what’s available to marketers today is either split into silos, lacking in integrations or overly-reliant on IT and developer support. For all the talk of great digital experiences, too many CMS’ rely on cumbersome architectures that don’t put the end user first.

“That’s what we set out to change with Magnolia 6.2 and our new headless digital experience hub. Our latest update lets marketers assemble experiences, instead of just entering content. It brings together all available data and content for personalization, no matter where it lives. The result is a platform that takes digital experiences to the next level; providing a more powerful resource for marketers, less hard work for developers, and ultimately, a better digital experience for customers.”

To find out more about Magnolia 6.2, visit the release announcement.