LightCMS Introduces Default Page Elements & Heading Levels

By Kaya Ismail March 25, 2015 News & Headlines

LightCMS have released another short list of updates, allowing users to set default page elements, heading levels and favicons.

LightCMS, is a website builder suited for building blogs, online stores and more in a matter of minutes, as demonstrated on Website Builders Critic. LightCMS was recently voted the People's Choice for Best Cloud CMS for SMB.

New Pages & SEO Simplified

Default Page Elements are designed to simplify how you create new pages, particularly if you use the same "template" over and over.

It stops you having to create elements all over again whenever a new page is created, because they're already there are a default part of the new page.

Default page elements which can be set include; blogs, images, links, calendars, forms, donation buttons, and so forth. 

Furthermore, the introdction of the Element Title Default Heading Level feature enables you to set a default heading level to apply to each element title displayed on the page.

This means when you create an element and check the Display this Title Box, the title will be given the heading level you specify here. With this latest LightCMS release, all element titles will remain at the H1 heading level. 

Finally, LightCMS now gives users the option to easily upload a Favicon. This can be done via the site settings and on the "Basic" tab.

To find out more about this release, check out the official announcement.

And of course, be sure to explore more of LightCMS via our CMS Directory.

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