LightCMS Gets Global Elements, Secure Sign In & A New Responsive Template

LightCMS, the winner of the 2014 People's Choice Award for Best Cloud CMS for SMB, is back with some new updates.

The powerful website builder was chosen for coverage on Website Builders Critic, and continues to improve on a regular basis.

This time, it's in the form of global elements, secure sign in, and a brand new template.

Global Elements

Previously, sharing an element across different pages was a time consuming task. Users needed to set the shareable attribute on the element and then share it on each page individually. Not ideal for large websites.

Now though, with global elements, LightCMS administrators now have the option of sharing an element across pages in a fraction of the time. Global elements are made possible by two new enhancements in this release:

  • Global ID assigned to each element
  • Element token

For example, you may want to display the calendar on every page on your site, instead of creating a calendar, setting the shareable attribute, and then manually adding the calendar to every page, all you need to do is create the calendar on one page, retrieve the element's global ID from the element’s settings, and then add the token to the template file.

Much easier.

Secure Sign In

Secure sign in means that users sign in over an encrypted connection and that the website’s domain is displayed in the URL after sign in. When secure sign in is disabled, the connection is not encrypted and the domain is not displayed.

Before this update, enabling or disabling secure sign in was controlled at the account level by the account owner. Consequently, secure sign in was either enabled or disabled for all sites under that account.

With this release however, secure sign is now controlled at the site level.

A New Responsive Template

This latest LightCMS updated also brngs about a shiny new (and responsive) template.

Given the title of “Theme Flight”, this new LightCMS theme is fully responsive and is available for use on any LightCMS website.

Home Page Inside Page
home_thumb.png inside_thumb.png

You can use this design right out of the box, or download the source code to use as a starting point for your own theme.

LightCMS have prepared a demo of Theme Flight here, and you can also see the design in the LightCMS Design Viewer.

For more information on this latest LightCMS release, check out their official blog announcement.

You can also get acquainted with LightCMS through out CMS Directory.