Liferay Introduces Liferay Sync with Powerful Document-Sharing Abilities

 Liferay, Inc., provider of the world’s leading enterprise-class open source portal, announced today the availability of Liferay Sync, a powerful document-sharing add-on to the Community Edition (CE) of Liferay Portal 6.1. Liferay Sync transforms the Liferay platform into a central, easy-to-use document sharing service.

With Liferay Sync, users now have the ability to access documents stored within a Liferay instance from their mobile devices and desktops. Documents can be dragged and dropped into a synchronized folder and then be edited, moved, or deleted. Sync automatically takes care of revision management.

A key benefit for Liferay users is access to documents offline; the documents synchronize when users are back online. A single user can make a change to a document on their desktop, which is then synchronized with the central server and updated for all other users who share that folder.  In these ways, Liferay Portal becomes a central repository for documents, opening up new avenues of collaboration for a distributed group of users.>

“Liferay Sync was designed to combine the benefits of a web application with the user interaction benefits of a desktop or mobile application,” said Edwin Chung, Liferay's VP of Product Management. “The web allows centralized data and group access, and the desktop provides a rich way to search, access and manipulate documents.  But while Office Web Apps and Google Docs require you to store a copy on the server and edit documents in a browser, Liferay Sync allows users to leverage any desktop or mobile office package, such as MS Office, OpenOffice, iWork, or Photoshop, to edit and save documents locally while either online or offline.”

“The launch of Liferay Sync is an exciting and significant product release for our company,” said Brian Chan, Liferay’s founder and Chief Software Architect. “The ability to combine desktop and mobile interfaces with a web service takes the Liferay experience to new heights of simplicity and enrichment for our end users.”

Starting today with the beta form of Liferay Sync, Liferay Portal CE users can synchronize their documents within one Liferay Site. A coming edition of Liferay Sync for Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition (EE) will allow users to share documents across an unlimited number of Liferay Sites on one installation. Liferay Sync is compatible withWindows, Mac OS, and iOS.

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