Let's Celebrate the Winners of the 2022 CMS Critic People’s Choice Awards

Let's be honest: there's nothing quite like Awards Season. Just ask Moira Rose.

And it's not because of the glitz, the glamour, or even the drama (although last year's Oscars did deliver the slap heard 'round the world).

No, we love Awards Season because it's a celebration. An opportunity to cheer for the things we love. From film to music, actors to performers. Heck, even our favorite technologies.

Each year, CMS Critic is proud to feature our People's Choice Awards: a unique, one-of-a-kind platform for celebrating our industry. Since 2012, the People's Choice Awards have provided an opportunity for you – our community of digital professionals and stack fanatics – to tell us which platforms you love the most.

The People's Choice Awards are always fun and engaging, and the results never fail to surprise us. We put the power in your hands to nominate and vote, so it reflects your community participation. No matter how you feel about the outcomes, this is a win for every platform involved and your passionate users and fans.

This year, we had record participation from around the globe for both the nominations and final voting, and we're thrilled to share the winners you selected!

And the Oscar goes to...

But first, a quick reminder about the contest and how it worked:

  • In December 2022, we invited readers to nominate platforms across a set of categories on our website.
  • Nominations closed at the end of January.
  • The top five nominees (in the case of a few ties, the top six) were selected for voting in each category.
  • General voting began in early February and closed on February 20.
  • Participants could vote only once, and companies that offered incentives of any kind were disqualified.

And that's it! Without further ado, here are the winners of the 2022 People’s Choice Award winners:

Best Enterprise CMS: Contensis

Contensis Logo

Best DXP: Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud Logo

Best Free CMS: Joomla!

Joomla! Logo

Best Flat File CMS: Statamic

Statamic Logo

Best Open Source CMS: Umbraco

Umbraco Logo

Best ECM (Enterprise Content Management): Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint Logo

Best E-Commerce Solution: Shopify

Shopify Logo

Best Headless Commerce Solution: commercetools

Commercetools Logo

Best Headless CMS: Contentful 

Contentful Logo

Best Website Builder: YOOtheme

YOOtheme Logo

Best Static Site Generator: Next.js

Next.js Logo

Best Composable System: Uniform

Uniform Logo

Best Digital Experience Composition (DXC): Occtoo

Occtoo Logo


Congratulations to our People's Choice Winners!

There you have it, folks! Thank you again for participating in our Awards this year, and always, we welcome your feedback and your votes for next season!