Latest SaaS WCM Products and Cloud CMS Features

CrownPeak, the market leader in cloud Web Content Management and Optimization, offers a software-as-a-service solution built to empower marketers to develop and deliver website content and optimize campaigns with speed, ease and sophistication.

Some of the features include mobile content management, social media integration, testing and targeting, and real-time analytics. The product provides connectors for easily integration with other applications such as e-commerce, Sharepoint, CRM, email marketing, and others.

CrownPeak ships with the most powerful analytics available in any WCM product has integration with 19 different social networks, and native mobile site management capabilities. Every new feature is immediately available in the interface, keeping marketing way ahead of the curve at all times.

“We did not have the time or resources to pull a content management solution together internally so CrownPeak was the perfect solution for us. They solved the content management piece of the puzzle for us,” – Dave Beckwith, Senior Director of Skype Global Web Stores.

CrownPeak offers critical speed-to-market advantages. The development environment enables template rollout over 80% faster than traditional products and has deployment architecture optimized for speed, interoperability, and economics, enabling global organizations to deploy business-unit driven, regionally tailored sites worldwide in less than a calendar quarter.

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