Latest NodeBB release offers 200% speed improvement, better email templates & more

NodeBB, the Canadian company with the goal of modernizing Internet forums, is proud to announce version 1.6.0 of their software, which features a completely re-written rendering system to dramatically improve performance.

“While our customers have generally been happy with the speed of NodeBB, in our hearts we always knew we could do even better,” says NodeBB co-founder Julian Lam. “This is a complete rewrite of our templating system, a faster engine that allows us to handle twice the concurrent users without any noticeable lag.”

The majority of the template system work was completed by Peter Jaszkowiak, who joined the NodeBB team earlier this year. “Peter's fresh viewpoints allow us to leverage the latest technology only recently made available to end users, in order to better deliver that rock-solid experience we promise to all of our users,” says Lam.

In addition to these performance improvements, NodeBB v1.6.0 features design updates for automated emails such as address confirmation and topic digests, as well as improvements to the IP blacklist functionality to help fight spam. A complete list of updates and fixes can be found on the NodeBB blog at

NodeBB was launched in 2013 as the next evolution in Internet forums. Unlike many older forum systems, NodeBB works perfectly on smartphones and tablets, and provides connections with a range of social web services. NodeBB is also easy to customize for a completely branded experience. “Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have large user bases and have gained a lot of popular attention, but they don't always provide the depth of conversation between consumers and companies that is possible in a community forum environment. We felt that forum software was due for a revival, and apparently lot of people agreed,” says Lam.

NodeBB was the 2014 CMS Critic People's Choice Awards for Best Forum Software, and community members can vote for NodeBB as this year's award winner at