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Kentico has been helping to shape the CMS landscape for almost two decades. A timeline on their website suggests that the company was born prior to 2004, out of the senior thesis of Petr Palas – Kentico's founder and CEO. It even spins lore about this hallowed thesis living on a floppy disc somewhere, presumably in an underground vault, where it acts as the company's "lucky charm."

A lot has happened in CMS since Kentico became a market-leading solution, but they've always managed to forge their own path through innovation. Most recently, a big part of that innovation has been focused on their Kontent by Kentico enterprise headless solution.

To that end, the company has just unveiled some new and notable functionality in the Kontent platform, including advanced asset management, central oversight of users, and other updates that significantly improve the way content operations are managed and governed. Kentico shared these new features – as well as a number of industry insights and best practices for content professionals – at Kontent Horizons, a free virtual event that took place last week.

This past September, Kontent also became the first and only certified enterprise headless CMS available for purchase through Microsoft Azure Marketplace and AppSource for customers with the Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC). 

With these investments in the growth of their Kontent platform, it's clear that Kentico has doubled down on providing large-scale headless content operations for enterprises. 

Focusing on headless at the enterprise level

Content is at the core of every digital experience, and the headless model is enabling an omnichannel approach to scaling content to almost any endpoint. That said, when large volumes of content are being delivered through many channels, managing that content can quickly become a nightmare. This is especially true at the enterprise level.

Supporting large-scale content operations continues to be a key focus for the Kontent team. With the recent news about their Microsoft Azure affiliation, Kentico is enabling customers to make use of the Azure Marketplace for easy and secure discovery, implementation, and management of Kontent as an integral solution in their enterprise-grade microservices architecture.

“We’re delighted to work with Microsoft as the only headless CMS on Azure Marketplace," said Martin Michalik, VP of Product at Kontent by Kentico. "It’s great that we can provide customers a way to get the most business value out of their consumption commitments.”

Enhancing scalability

As more businesses look to transform their content delivery through the headless model, Kontent by Kentico is experiencing exponential growth. In 2021 alone, global giants like Algolia, Wolf Oil Corporation, and Zurich Insurance joined Kontent’s enterprise customer base. 

“As our customers continue to evolve their digital strategy, how to scale up efficiently is still a top-of-mind concern," said Monica Raszyk, Director of Product Marketing at Kontent by Kentico. "More users, assets, and content can certainly be seen as an opportunity – if managed well. That’s why these past few months, we worked closely with our customer base to specifically address their complexities of scale. With the recent platform updates, content teams can now more easily organize and manage assets using taxonomies, keep workspaces secure with complete oversight of users, or quickly review complex content items. 

To further support their content community and make the world of headless content management more accessible, Kentico hosted their second annual Kontent Horizons event earlier this month. This year’s free virtual conference was designed for a growing global audience of content professionals and web development experts – and featured a wide range of topics, including omnichannel content, user experience, website architecture, and more.

With over 1,000 attendees, the three-day event was focused on helping teams strategize around the challenges of 2022, with insightful sessions led by industry experts such as Colleen Jones, President at Content Science, Jason Lengstorf, VP Developer Experience at Netlify, and Nick Barber, Senior Analyst at Forrester. 

New Kontent features

As mentioned, Kentico unveiled a number of new features in Kontent, including a new user interface to help enterprise teams execute their content operations faster.

One of the other noteworthy upgrades is the Collections feature, which lets enterprises manage all their content in a single repository. This allows the content to be shared across teams and channels without losing any control. 

Kentico Kontent's new user interface

What's next for Kontent

Some of the biggest challenges that enterprises face are the sheer scale of content and the number of users spread across an organization. Headless has helped to expand the omnichannel capabilities, but there are still significant headwinds, particularly around previewing content destined for different endpoints. 

Continuing to invest their focus on enterprise content management, the Kentico Kontent team aims to deliver even more improvements in the areas of content operations, advanced asset management, and custom multiple workflows. It's clear that they have a strong commitment to innovation, and we can expect more on the horizon when it comes to enhancing the headless experience. 

“Using the Kontent platform, companies around the world can unlock the full potential of their content and not only meet but exceed their customers’ expectations, which gives them a competitive edge in today’s digital world,” said Bart Omlo, Kontent’s Managing Director.

We'll be watching as they continue to evolve their own "Kontent operations."

About Kontent by Kentico

Kontent by Kentico is the world’s leading cloud-based headless CMS platform. Robust APIs, webhooks, and flexible content models give developers full control over the structure of their content and how it’s delivered to their websites and applications. The APIs deliver clean, structured content that can be pulled into any experience and technology stack. On top of this headless foundation, Kontent includes an intuitive authoring experience that lets marketers focus on content creation, allowing developers to focus on building engaging online experiences that look great in every channel. Kontent’s customers include AC Milan, Oxford University, Konica Minolta, REWE Group, and Vogue.