Koken, the Photography CMS goes up for sale as Co-Founders announce they want out

In a recent email sent to subscribers and in a blog post on Medium, Koken Co-founder, Todd Dominey has announced that the team behind the Photography based CMS wants out and is actively looking for buyers.

Here's the email that was sent out to those subscribed to their mailing list a few minutes ago:

Newsletter / July 2015

We're selling Koken

After considerable time and contemplation, we've decided it's time for a new team to take over.

We are actively looking for an outside company or group of individuals to acquire the CMS and all related assets.

This detailed blog post contains everything there is to know. Our hope is that by being completely transparent with our business we can find the perfect team to provide Koken the leadership and resources it deserves.

To our dedicated followers and supporters, we thank you. We will do everything we can to ensure this isn't the end but rather the start of something new.

During this transitionary period your Koken installation, web site, and the Koken Store will continue to function normally. New installations may still be created as well.

We promise to share any news or updates concerning this sale that may affect you as soon as we're able to.

Building Koken was a dream come true for us all, and we're so incredibly proud of what we accomplished together. Thank you for anything you did to support our endeavor.

Inquiries regarding this sale may be directed to Todd Dominey (Product Designer and Co-Founder) at todd@koken.me

Part of me is sad that they've chosen to sell it as it's got some serious potential but another part of me is hopeful that someone who can put the right amount of time and effort behind the project picks it up and makes something amazing happen. I think Koken is a great product and certainly offers something great to those who want a solid photography CMS but while it remains in limbo, I don't know that I'd be actively considering signing up for a new account.

For those who haven't seen Koken, go check it out. For a list of alternatives, see our recently updated post: Top 8 CMS for Photographers.