Kleiber Digital launches JECIS – The First E-Commerce Framework for JCR-compliant CMS Solutions

Kleiber Digital, a leading expert in JCR Content has launched JECIS, the very first E-Commerce framework for CMS solutions. Instead of trying to integrate a CMS into an E-Commerce system, JECIS is built directly into a CMS, allowing developers and authors to build commerce-driven Web/Digital Experiences using all the features and capabilities of their CMS solution.

JECIS is based on the JCR Content Repository standard, the foundation of such cutting-edge CMS solutions like Adobe’s Experience Manager, Magnolia CMS, Jahia DX and others. It is expected that JECIS will significantly change the way that commerce driven Digital Experiences will be built in the future.

  • JECIS is installed directly into a JCR compliant CMS, within a few minutes.
  • No integration needed, no complex commerce engines, no configuration hassle, no costly licenses for E-Commerce or RDBMS required.
  • Marketers (Authors) manage all the commerce content, from Stores, Products, Clients to Sales Tax, Shipping and Payments, everything. • Take full advantage of the CMS capabilities, from templates/components/dialogs over building Web Experiences, to preview and publishing.
  • No new languages or systems to learn. Use Sightly, Freemarker, JSP or JS frameworks as provided by the CMS.
  • JECIS is content-centric. The foundation of JECIS is the commerce-content, not the application!
  • By taking full advantage of the CMS capabilities, the time-to-market of commerce-driven Web experiences will be significantly lower than with traditional integration solutions, saving time and lowering costs. The big advantage of JECIS however will be running the Web experience. Analytic tools will guide marketers to improvement opportunities and marketers can do the according content updates, immediately.

“JECIS does not really compare to the ATG’s and Hybris’ of this world. The objective behind JECIS was not to build another tool, but to build an E-Commerce framework that enables developers to create compelling commerce experiences with commerce content managed completely by Marketers.” explained CEO Giancarlo F. Berner.

With JECIS it is now reality to use the full capabilities of a CMS solution to build pulse-pounding and engaging commerce experiences, without the need of a traditional E-Commerce system.

Why JECIS? Some Background Information

“Since their inception, E-Commerce Platforms have been a pain to build Web sites with, especially when you compare the process with modern CMS solutions” Giancarlo F. Berner explained. “In 2006 a friend of mine, Ruben Reusser, the CTO of headwire.com, wrote an integration API to use KonaKart within a Magnolia CMS. After building the first Web solution, it was obvious that these integration concepts don’t have a future. We basically lost all the features and capabilities of the CMS” he continued.“ A few years later, in 2010, Giancarlo F. Berner presented a prototype of a JCR compliant E-Commerce API to a group of Adobe PMs at Adobe in San Francisco. At that time, Adobe was using Day Communique to build their site adobe.com. “That presentation convinced me that, if built the right way, it is possible to use a CMS to build E-Commerce Web solutions.” Giancarlo continued.

With today’s launch of JECIS it is possible to use any JCR-compliant CMS solution to build commerce-driven Web experiences!