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Kajona CMF 4.5 Now Available

Kajona CMF 4.5 Now Available

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A new release of the open source content management framework (CMF) Kajona is now available. Version 4.5 of Kajona brings with it a number of changes. Below is the release announcement from the Kajona development team:

Besides the advancement of the index-based search, Kajona V4.5 “gitorious” focuses on the restructuring and enhancement of central components. In addition the project finished the transition from SVN to git.

The index-based search engine, introduced to the backend in V4.4, is now available at the portal, too. This means that the powerful engine is now available to all end-users including all functionalities. The indexer was partly rewritten and is now much faster when it comes to creating and updating the search-index.

The way how events are created and processed within Kajona was changed fundamentally and rewritten from scratch. While the old implementation founded on listener-interfaces, the new approach is based on a fully decoupled mechanism using named events. New event-types are added declaratively, making single packages even more independent. An overview of events available and a description of the new api is available at

A new template-mapper simplifies the export of objects to templates by extracting all designated properties and providing them to a template directly. Additional, programmatic steps are no longer required. If necessary, the value of properties may be transformed using custom renderers before they are placed into the template.

The database layer was complemented by a new method to handle combined inserts. Inserting multiple records into a table is now possible in a single query using a special api call. The database-layer takes care to generate the sql code matching the current database system in use.

With Kajona V4.5 the team finished the transition from subversion to git. The projects' sourcecode is now available on Github:

Since Kajona 4.5 includes several bug fixes, security updates and updates for compatibility with current web browsers and web server systems, the upgrade to 4.5 is recommended to all users. The update is available and recommended via the integrated package-management.

The documentation was updated to the latest release. The download of the system is possible on the projects website .


CMS & Marketing / Kajona CMF 4.5 Now AvailableLast updated on January 5, 2019
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