Joomla Updated Ahead of Upcoming 3.5 Release

By Kaya Ismail September 23, 2015 News & Headlines

Joomla 3.4.4 has been released, ahead of the platform's pending 3.5 unveiling, which is scheduled for some point in October 2015.

The popular CMS kicked off 2015 by launching, a hosted version of their renowned platform. Now, as we move closer to 2016, Joomla will be hoping to push on with their open source project too, starting with the release of version 3.5.

"Preparing for Even Better Features"

Joomla 3.4.4 is basically a security update, which includes:

  • en-GB Language Cleanup.

  • Fixes for MSSQL and PostgresSQL Joomla Installations

  • JQuery, HTML5Shiv, and CodeMirror Updates

  • Joomla Code Style Rules Implementation Finished

Interestingly though, Jessica Dunbar, Joomla's Production Leadership Team Liaison; responsible for coordinating the production of the Joomla CMS and Framework, made the following comment about the release:

"Our Production Team is continually improving the code of Joomla as new needs of our CMS users arise, systems we rely upon change, and we improve our great feature set.

We are also preparing for even better features in coming versions."

To demo Joomla 3.4 go to, to download it go to

Additionally, be sure to explore more of Joomla via our CMS Directory.

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