Jahia unleashes mobile rendering of websites with the new version of its flagship CMS solution: Jahia xCM 6.6.1

Jahia announced today the availability of the new version of its flagship CMS solution: Jahia xCM 6.6.1. Even though digitized as “minor”, this new version unlocks new authoring interfaces, providing major improvements in the areas of mobile rendering and related in-context edition.

“Talking about mobile rending these days is quite trendy. But we didn’t want our new release to be just about “buzz”. We wanted it to truly help our users, both business and technical, and seamlessly display their chosen content on any mobile devices. And not only to do so with simple clicks and drag & drops, but also with the ability to preview and to add any new mobile devices they’d need. This release has required an intensive work from our development team and an equally intensive back-and-forth with our customers to make sure we did it right. Since our 6.5 platform launch, we’ve been intensively working with our community of developers, partners and customers to raise the bar, release after release, to the highest possible levels in terms of user experience management. This Jahia xCM 6.6.1 release -and its related Jahia Studio, is probably the one that reveals the most that incredible work of our team as well as the efficiency and fantastic potential of our platform.” says Elie Auvray, CEO of Jahia Solutions Group SA.

Jahia xCM 6.6.1: Mobile unleashed!

With Jahia xCM 6.6.1, User Experience is optimized for any device: mobile, browser, tablets. Jahia introduces a brand new paradigm that allows users to publish their content as easily for a mobile device (both phone and tablet) as they would for a desktop browser.

With simple clicks, authors and web designers will be able to fully manage and personalize both content and user experience per device. Jahia authors will also be able to preview device-based user experience with high definition emulators:

  • Mobile in-context page and template building (Enterprise distribution only)– Thanks to a new channel switcher, Editors and Template developers can now choose to work directly -in Edit Mode or in the Studio – on the desired channel / device as easily as they do with standard web pages.
  • Multichannel integrated in preview window – A channel / device selection is now available in the Preview window for previewing pages “in device/channel context” before publication.
  • Multichannel customizable providers (Enterprise distribution only) – The list of channels/devices can be extended at will. For each device/channel, its capabilities can be defined in order to tailor the best customer experience.
  • Channel fallback mechanism (Enterprise distribution only) – Channels are organized as a tree with an integrated fallback mechanism, so the most relevant rendering will always be served even if the calling device is not explicitly listed and known by the system.
  • Point and click content assignation to a channel (Enterprise Distribution Only) –  Any content item can be included (forced to be displayed) or excluded (completely removed for the rendering, not only hidden) from a channel with a simple click. This zero-code feature dramatically accelerates customization of multi-devices sites and web applications.
  • WURFL engine integration (optional) (Enterprise distribution only) – The mobile device capabilities of Jahia 6.6.1 can optionally use WURFL as a provider, an Open Source framework that compiles a huge set of data about each device available on the market.

Other major improvements brought by Jahia xCM 6.6.1

  • Jahia xCM 6.6.1 – Raise the business-users-friendly authoring mode to the next level: Based on many feedbacks from customers, the Contribute Mode has been improved. It is now based on GWT, as is the Edit Mode, the other authoring mode available within Jahia xCM for advanced content managers. The contribute mode comes with the same usage principles (double-click, drag and drop…) with the right level of feature set for targeted audience – which has always been the goal of the Simplified, business user friendly “Contribute Mode”.
  • Enhanced user comfort: the platform strengths and responsiveness have been reinforced for a greater usability and performance. Interactions between users and the platform have been streamlined through an intensive user feedbacks monitoring that resulted in an improved user interface and even greater performance.
  • Detailed and exhaustive list of Jahia xCM 6.6.1 improvements available here

A vivid Open Source business Model

Because Jahia provides its community and enterprise users with the same core software, all their feedbacks benefit the entire community of users. This ensures the best level of stability and quality of Jahia solutions.

The Enterprise Distributions provide the most demanding environments and mission-critical projects with additional setup tools, deployments tools and support services, up to 24/7. More about Enterprise Jahia Subscriptions.

Jahia xCM 6.6.1 Screenshots

Jahia xCM 6.6.1 is available for download from here