Jahia 7 to be unveiled during JahiaOne in February 2014

Jahia today presents its Digital Industrialization vision and the product that supports it: Jahia 7. Jahia 7 will be officially presented during JahiaOne, the vendor’s 1st International User Conference to be held on Feb 6-7 in Paris.

The Digital Industrialization vision is about an uninterrupted, optimized and continuous production flow of digital experience, from the business need to its final digital rendering.

This is now possible thanks to a new approach where distributed development is secure and fully integrated with code server and private apps forge. Developers and business users can collaborate in fast and short iterations to deliver validated components that would be made available to the entire organization via a private apps forge. Project after project, the TCO and time-to-market of digital projects decrease thanks to the ability to reuse modules and components from the private apps forges.

Elie Auvray, CEO at Jahia Solutions Group SA says “Jahia 7 delivers two game-changing capabilities: it brings the ability to develop collaboratively with Marketing AND deploy modules and apps securely thanks to Private App Forges. This is the end of the tunnel effect era: because they can now truly work together, developers and marketers can deliver business solutions faster. Decision makers validate recent developments that are made available to the entire company through private forges. Everyone can then use and reuse – safely – these modules and applications for all new digital initiatives without compromising neither the assets of the company nor its critical projects. You no longer spend with no visibility, you invest without sacrificing marketing velocity, but instead, by augmenting it. This is the double promise of Digital Industrialization. “

Key strengths of Jahia 7

  • Distributed development to industrialize the development by combining control and agility. Jahia 7 brings many new improvements based on the integration of Jahia Studio, its unique UX builder with shared source repository. Several developers can work on the same subject, independently from where they are located, directly on the integration server or from their desktop. All sources modifications are pushed to a repository to which the Studio is linked. Changes are versioned in the source repository and all changes can be tested on the same server to verify compatibility and to actually develop with agile methodology.

  • Agile Deployment. Two major enhancement now allow for agile and faster deployments:

    • The integration of OSGi allows the hot-deployment of modules without downtimes or restarts

    • The introduction of Private Enterprise Apps Forge where all validated modules and business applications are made available and versioned for administrators to decide whether to deploy them or not. This centralized and secure Forge allows for unlimited reuse of previously developed modules and for instant deployment on as many instances as needed. Both TCO and time-to market are drastically reduced, project after project. The apps forge can be declared fully private within your entire organization and/or shared with your integration partner.

  • Dynamic Content. Marketing teams get control over their main objectives: ensure brand consistency through all their sites and adapt their content to each required channel for the best possible user experience. They benefit from an entire autonomy to create, at will, any global and localized digital initiatives, manipulate any type of content, assemble full-fledged sites based on pre-defined templates and socially engage visitors by just drag'n dropping related modules and validated content. And much more!

  • Guaranteed Update. Jahia 7 comes with a fully secured and guaranteed update process to protect former investments in Jahia.

Official Presentation of Jahia 7

Jahia 7 will be presented for the first time at JahiaOne, Jahia’s first international user conference. During two days, developers, users, clients and partners will be able to meet, share their experience and discover Jahia 7.

JahiaOne will be held in Paris on February 6 and 7, 2014.

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About Jahia

Jahia's next-generation, Open Source CMS stems from a widely acknowledged vision of enterprise application convergence – web, search, document, social and portal – unified by the simplicity of web content management. Structured around Jahia xCM, Jahia Wise, Jahia Studio and based on the powerful Jahia Content Platform, Jahia brings a unique modularity to the Java development arena. With its hundreds of built-in widgets, downloadable JahiApps and third party modules, Jahia is the tool of choice for building business-driven user experiences for innovative web and mobile applications, at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.

Founded in 2002 and based in Geneva (Switzerland), Jahia Solutions Group has offices in Paris (France), Klagenfurt (Austria), Düsseldorf (Germany), Toronto (Canada) and Washington, DC (USA). Jahia counts hundreds of global brands and governmental organizations among its loyal customers, in more than 20 countries across the globe. For more information, visit: www.jahia.com