Introduction to the Judges - John Coonen

This year, for the Critic's Choice portion of our annual CMS Awards, we've decided to make the selections using a panel of three judges. The judges we've selected are well respected throughout the community and are valued for their opinions.

To start the process of introduction, we'd like to introduce judge number one, John Coonen!

If you don't know who John is, you are either not on Twitter (he's almost impossible to avoid and his tweets are very entertaining) or you've never attended his CMS Expo (which in itself is a total shame).

John Coonen

John Coonen is the President of the CMS Association. Its mission: “Shine the spotlight on the world's leading CMSs and the people who use them.”  He is the founder and co-host of the CMS Expo Learning & Business Conference, and publisher of The CMS Connection.

John's background is in campaign management and creative direction for major brands, non-profits political campaigns, and causes, where he made extensive use (and custom development of) CMSs since the 1990s. You can find him on Linkedin.

John was quick to accept the judging position for this year's awards and we're very excited to have him on board. Watch for future collaborations between CMS Critic and CMS Expo in 2014 and be sure to check back throughout this month to hear the winners of the Peoples Choice awards. For a full schedule of the awards, visit the CMS Awards page.