Introducing Weebly for Hosts

Weebly, a website builder with over 30 million users, has announced Weebly for Hosts, a solution for web hosts and domain registrars that allows them to provide an intuitive, Weebly-powered site creation service and complete ecommerce platform to their customer base.

This news comes just weeks after Weebly announced Weebly for Enterprise. Weebly has also been selected for special coverage over at Website Builders Critic as a recommended product.

Many website hosting companies already offer their own website builders alongside platforms like WordPress when users set up new websites. Weebly are aiming to have their platform offered in the same way.

All Core Packages & Multiple Integration Options

As well as publishing their customers sites using Weebly, website hosting companies will have the option of providing their customers with Weebly’s core packages, including free, starter, pro and business accounts.

This is cost saving for the customer and creates a new revenue stream for the hosts. Weebly for Hosts is a turnkey solution that requires minimal IT implementation and management on the part of hosting customers, and features a centralized dashboard that allows hosts to add staff and manage permissions, as well as comprehensive customer support provided by Weebly.

Weebly for Hosts features include:

  • Powerful Site Creation and Editing: Users can create and edit sites easily, choosing from a variety of responsive themes and incorporate ready-made building blocks such as text, images, buttons, contact forms, maps and videos, and publish them online within minutes.
  • Multiple Integration Options for Hosts: Weebly for Hosts comes equipped with full API, CPanel and WHMCS support (coming soon), easing the process of integration with existing host IT structures, meaning hosts can go to market with Weebly’s site creator easily and quickly.
  • Core Weebly Packages Give Range of Product Options: Hosts can resell Weebly’s core customer packages, including free, Starter, Pro and Business accounts, allowing them to service a wide variety of customers from individual online blogs to high-volume ecommerce sites. Powerful and flexible cross-selling triggers mean hosts can easily introduce customers to Weebly’s service and upgrade their account level as needs change.
  • Client-side Hosting: Weebly for Hosts allows hosting companies to house the static content for customers’ websites on their own servers, so that they can maintain and manage direct relationships and billing with their customers.

Endurance International Group and are two current customers of Weebly for Hosts.

David Rusenko the CEO and co-founder of Weebly, made these comments upon the release of Weebly for Hosts:

“We’re really excited about opening up the Weebly platform to hosting companies and making easy website creation accessible to a broader audience of millions.Last month we announced Weebly for Enterprise, which lets organizations customize Weebly and leverage our CMS to empower their employees and customers at scale.

Today, we’re following up with Weebly for Hosts, giving web hosts and domain registrars a complete solution to offer Weebly to their customers on their terms.”

Weebly for Hosts is available to web hosting providers of all sizes and is built on the same technology as Weebly’s recently-announced Enterprise Platform. Website packages are available in 15 languages, including German, Spanish and French.

If you represent a hosting company which is interested in Weebly for Hosts, check out the Weebly website.

And of course, you can explore more of Weebly via our CMS Directory.