Introducing Website Builders Critic: Unbiased Reviews & Video Tutorials

Today is a big day. Mike Johnston and I (the CMS Critic team) are joining forces to launch a project that we have been toiling over behind the scenes. 

We have compiled a number of the world’s best website builders in order to review, compare and demonstrate their abilities via real and replicable examples.

We wanted to reach out to the less-tech savvy world of individuals and businesses looking for a professional online presence, and guide them towards not only the best products on the market, but also towards the best products for their project. 

Introducing, Website Builders Critic.

Website Builders Critic

Along with simple and unbiased reviews, entrepreneurs and businesses alike can expect to find video tutorials for each major website builder. Such videos will illustrate how each website builder can be used to construct different website types, including blogs, online stores and business websites.

The best part? These reviews and video tutorials weren't written or recorded by just anybody. Both Mike and I have worked hard to craft each piece of content, guaranteeing that our knowledge of the website builder industry remains the key ingredient throughout. 

After all, thanks to our years of work through CMS Critic, it's fair to say that we know these products inside out. We've seen what they're good at, and what they're bad at. 

At the time of launch, Website Builders Critic will have a focus on the following products:

All of the website builders above have been selected for their quality in terms of user friendliness, functionality and end product creation. Collectively, they serve up a range of website building options, from online stores to one-page websites.

So, if you want to find the best website builder for your project, you'll want to check out our demonstrations and insights into the best of the bunch. 

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