Injader CMS 2.4.3 released

Feels like Christmas today with all of the releases happening and Injader is no exception. They have announced 2.4.3 is available for download.

Key features of Injader CMS 2.4.3 include:

  • URL mapping – the way Injader handles links has been given a major overhaul in this release. Pages should load slightly more quickly.
  • Automatic redirects – if you change to a different link style, all requests to the old link style will be automatically redirected.
  • New link style – a date-based link style has been added.
  • Custom excerpts – if you use excerpts in your theme, you can now override the automatically generated excerpts (limited to a set number of characters) and type in your own excerpt for each article. If a custom excerpt is not available, the auto excerpt will be used instead.
  • Custom ordering – areas now contain a new “custom” ordering option. If you choose this, you'll be able to use a new “order” field on the Post Settings tab when editing an article. Simply enter the order for each article and that order will be used on the site.

Injader's website is here and you can download the release from their sourceforge page here.