Ingeniux: Web Experience Management, Content Management, & Social Collaboration

To kick off another featured week, we’re taking a good look at an enterprise-level platform that’s well acquainted with web experience management, content management, portals, intranets, extranets and more.


Based in Seattle, Washington with offices in New York and Paris, Ingeniux has been on the market for over 15 years. They cater to the likes of AIG, CareFusion, Quinnipiac University, the US Army, and IAC.

Ingeniux features a decoupled architecture designed for multi-site management and supports the latest ASP.NET technologies, including ASP.NET 4.5, MVC 5. the Razor view engine, and Visual Studio integration.

Ingeniux is somewhat unique in its focus on intelligent content, shown in its rich XML and JSON content model, NoSQL content database, search application, and service-oriented content API. The architecture lends itself to sites with product catalogs or need for full content structures and types, content reuse, multi-site, channel and language publishing, or sites with customer-facing web applications like insurance, travel, healthcare, commerce and other industries that transact business online.

Ingeniux offers a set of products that, together, cover three core bases; web experience management, content management, and social collaboration.

Ingeniux & Web Experience Management

Personalization isn’t just the buzzword on the lips of every enterprise, it’s also the foundation upon which most of them build their online presence.

Ingeniux aims to help those brands deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

They make that happen based on click-stream behavior, visitor profiles, website membership, geo-location, or marketing segment.

The platform also leverages landing pages, CRM connectors for and Microsoft Dynamics, and visual web forms to offer a well rounded content marketing solution.

Plus, integrated analytics data from Google, WebTrends, or Adobe ensures that brands are informed about their progress, or lack thereof.

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Ingeniux & Content Management

Content management though, is the platform’s bread and butter.

Intelligent in-context editing enables users to click on a region of the page to make edits. Elements provide text fields, WYSIWYG editors, image galleries, component palettes, date pickers, and other contextual editing fields.

The intelligence comes in when Ingeniux recognizes and preserves the structure of the content.

Ingeniux also offers responsive page building, designed to aid those without any knowledge of code.

Templates are managed in a grid-based responsive layout using either Bootstrap, Foundation, or other responsive frameworks. Non-technical users can click-and-drag to re-size columns, drag-and-drop text, video, images, and content widgets onto templates, and manage presentations for multiple channels.

Digital asset management is another core feature of Ingeniux.

Assets can be edited with full meta data and usage rights, with support for true federation; including integration of Microsoft SharePoint, media servers and CDN's for rich media storage, and even file level storage in NAS and SAN systems.

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Ingeniux & Social Collaboration

Ingeniux also serves up social collaboration solutions in the form of portals, intranets, extranets and online communities.

Ingeniux Cartella is the product in question, and it comes as a Software-as-a-Service or on-premise solution.

It comes in three editions:

  • Intranet Edition: An enterprise portal for employees with unmatched collaboration and social capabilities.

  • Extranet Edition: Connect with partners and suppliers using secure authentication and personalized user experiences.

  • Community Edition: Engage with customers and enable user generated content, content marketing and social connections.

Cartella comes with interactive modules including team blogs, forums, profiles, activity feeds and more.

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Ingeniux CMS 10

As for the future of Ingeniux, it comes in the form of Ingeniux CMS 10.

Ingeniux CMS 10, which is slated for release Winter 2016, will soon come bearing a modern “Flat” user interface with a focus on ease of use and productivity and a Digital Asset Management solution that makes assets first class.

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