Ingeniux CMS 8 Brings Improved Mobile Capabilities and More

Ingeniux has released a new version of their popular web content management system. Ingeniux 8 delivers improve mobile capabilities, a new, re-written web delivery server and more.

Dynamic Site Server

Ingeniux CMS 8 debuts a completely re-written and feature-rich web delivery server, the Dynamic Site Server (DSS), which is built on the Microsoft .NET platform. With the DSS, developers can take advantage of cutting-edge Microsoft technologies, including ASP.NET 4.0, MVC 3, and the Razor view engine.

The DSS offers many new features, including:

  • Improved content delivery and rendering performance
  • Default support for ASP.NET MVC 3 and the new Razor view engine as well as support for ASPX templates
  • A new authentication/authorization system
  • Mobile device detection using the library
  • Seamless support for XSLT-based websites

Mobile Preview Device Targeting

Ingeniux CMS 8 delivers in-CMS preview of mobile-optimized pages with a library of device skins. Mobile Preview allows web managers to see how their content will display on a wide range of devices, including Apple iPhone, iPad, and Google Android devices. Users can make changes to the content inline within the device preview, and the device views may be switched between portrait and landscape modes.

Mobile Device Manager

One of the key mobile enhancements in CMS 8 is the integration of the Framework. employs a device library containing display data for thousands of different smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and other mobile devices. Using this device data, the DSS can automatically redirect page requests to pages optimized for specific devices.

SiteSync Secure Replication

Ingeniux CMS 8 introduces SiteSync, a new replication system that is fully integrated with the Ingeniux software. The new replication system provides more granular control and monitoring of the replication process with fully integrated dashboard views.

SiteSync provides:

  • Support for FileSMB, FTP, Secure FTP and other replication methods
  • Ability to configure unique replication rules for each site or publishing target within an Ingeniux CMS instance
  • Scheduling of replication as an automated task

Schema Designer and Developer Tools

Ingeniux CMS 8 includes a new Schema Designer for creating and updating XML schemas. Using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, web developers can create new XML schemas without writing a line of code. The new Schema Designer makes it easy to edit schemas, review previous versions of schemas, and sync changes to existing content items.

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