ImpressPages CMS 1.0.9 available

ImpressPages CMS 1.0.9 was put to the test for some time and now, thanks to many community members it's now ready for a stable release. From now it's even lighter, fully jQuery backed-up (no more ExtJs), a few plugins were implemented to the core together with some small bits of new nice things.

Yes to jQuery, No to ExtJs

ImpressPages CMS 1.0.9 no longer depends on ExtJs library. It was thrown away completely. From now ImpressPages CMS is ~5 Mb and ~600 files smaller when installed.

In this version we focused on menu management. Till now Menu management was made on ExtJs library and iframe communication. It is based on jQuery and AJAX now. About 6000 new lines of code were written.

Copy and paste easily

Due to high usage and a number of requests the functionality of “Copy content” plugin was integrated to the core of the system. Therefore, “Copy content” plugin is not required anymore.

Share the data between websites

Another good thing – configuration file “remotes.php”. It allows to set up remote websites that are built on ImpressPages 1.0.9 and import data from them. More information is available at

Enhanced installation

Installation wizard now has:

  • Check if GD library exists
  • German translation