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Hyland isn't giving up any ground in the battle for content services domination. And they shouldn't – not when the competition includes Microsoft, Box, and OpenText

To that end, Hyland just announced some new and noteworthy product functionality, service enhancements, and industry-focused solutions to support organizations along their digital transformation and technology modernization journeys.

Hyland has been recognized by Gartner as a content services industry leader for 12 consecutive years, and the winner of our own Critic's Choice Awards for ECM in 2021. Along with its continued investment in innovation, the company has made several keen acquisitions over the past two years, giving it extra leverage to compete with the aforementioned "big guns."

A few examples: in 2020, Hyland acquired Another Monday, the robotic process automation (RPA) software, Streamline Health ECM, and Learning Machine – a company that develops and markets blockchain-secured digital credentialing solutions. Other acquisitions include OneContent, Perceptive (which became one of their flagship products), and many more.

Then, like several other CMS and DXP platforms, Hyland eliminated one of its closest competitors by acquiring Alfresco. The company then went on to purchase Nuxeo, a content services and digital asset management (DAM) platform, giving Hyland a powerful edge with its completeness of vision.

But buying your way to the top can only get you so far – and Hyland seems more focused than ever on improving its products and services and enhancing customer experience. 

"Our regular product releases provide immense value to organizations, regardless of where they are in their digital transformation journeys," said John Phelan, executive vice president, and chief product officer at Hyland. "These latest releases support new business demands with simplified cloud administration and storage options, new automation capabilities, seamless and secure integrations with essential business applications, and greater scalability for installations of all sizes. Our ongoing development efforts will continue to provide our customers around the globe with the most flexible, extensible, and configurable cloud content services solutions."

Here are a few highlights of the new product features:

Upgrades to content services from Alfresco

Hyland has developed several new tools on the Alfresco platform – an investment that appears to be paying off. New improvements aim to simplify the management of cloud deployments, provide more intuitive user experiences, support more complex business processes, and deliver deeper integrations with line-of-business applications.

Hyland also extended the Alfresco Enterprise Search capabilities with Elasticsearch, including enhanced query and proximity search support. 

Improvements to intelligent automation with Hyland RPA

Hyland has been making strides with its robotic process automation features. Several updates were made to the Hyland RPA to provide organizations with simplified bot deployment, more visibility over automated tasks, secure and convenient integrations, and improved user experience.

The latest product version allows organizations to coordinate end-to-end automation with the newly developed Web Manager, providing improved security, user management, and updated reporting insights. Finally, the updated Designer allows flexible, secure integration with third-party applications/services and facilitates scaling automation enterprise-wide.

New Hyland Healthcare capabilities

Hyland Healthcare's latest solution, the Hyland Clinician Window, unlocks physician access to more than 75% of patient information that does not typically reside in the electronic medical record (EMR). It helps physicians make informed care decisions to improve patient outcomes by delivering access to medical images, EKGs, consult notes, and other unstructured patient data within the EMR workflow. 

Updates to Hyland Experience Capture

New functionality within Hyland's cloud-native capture product, Hyland Experience Capture (HxC), delivers automatic separation by barcode for automated document splitting of 1D and 2D barcodes. This eliminates the need for manual separation, improving employee experience by rededicating workers to higher-value tasks.

About Hyland

Hyland is an enterprise content management (ECM) software platform, combining integrated document management, business process management, and records management in a single application. Hyland software allows organizations to manage, control, and share digital content with employees, business partners, customers, and other constituencies. Learn more at www.hyland.com