How NoSQL Is Disrupting Web Content Management

NoSQL is a disruptive new “big data” database technology that was built by social media giant Facebook and other big Internet companies such as Google, LinkedIn and Amazon. Now, it’s coming to enterprise and media websites and changing how content is managed and delivered on the web.

Traditionally, web pages have been stored within relational databases made by companies like Oracle and Microsoft. In the last 20 years the way that content has been stored and delivered has not really changed. But the web has changed completely.

Mobile forever changed the web. Apps, the cloud, personalization, and the overall growth of the web have rewritten the rules of how organizations need to manage their digital content and customer experience data.

Now the same NoSQL technology that powers the world’s biggest websites is disrupting the Web content management industry and changing how enterprisecompanies manage their websites and customer data.

Ingeniux: The First CMS Built on a NOSQL Database

The company at the forefront of the “Big Content” revolution is Ingeniux. Ingeniux is a web content management company with office in Seattle, Paris, and New York.

Ingeniux CMS is the first the web content management solution built on a NoSQL database. With NoSQL Ingeniux is able to provide a Web CMS solution that supports the scalability and performance of large social media sites with big data capabilities to deliver smarter customer experiences.

The move to NoSQL by Ingeniux makes sense. NoSQL actually means “not only SQL.” It combines the capabilities of a traditional relational database with the distributed architecture of the cloud and big data. The end result is higher performance, greater scalability, and lower costs for managing and delivering websites and personalized customer experiences.

Ingeniux is not alone in its success focusing on NoSQL. Enterprise NoSQL database vendor MarkLogic became a unicorn (a billion dollar company) by shifting its database to NoSQL. Other NoSQL vendors such as Mongo DB, Couchbase, and DataStax have also experienced skyrocketing growth. But Ingeniux is the first to take NoSQL to the multi-billion dollar content management market.

Ingeniux is quickly gaining market share with its NoSQL-based Web CMS platform. Ingeniux CMS is used by Janus Capital, CareFusion, the US Army, AIG, and thousands of other organizations to manage websites and online services. In 2015 Ingeniux was named a Trendsetting product by KMWorld magazine and named to the prestigious EContent 100 list.

Whether Ingeniux can be the next unicorn in the web content management industry has yet to be seen. But clearly the web has changed and NoSQL is the right solution at the right time. If NoSQL changes web content management the way it changed business intelligence and big data, fasten your seatbelts, we are in for a wild ride.

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