How Cloud-based File Sharing Technology Improves SEO for Small Businesses

In this article, I’m going to tell you how to improve your SEO without the usual gimmick, and in a way that actually works wonders for your business and its data security, too.

Let’s begin with a rhetorical question.

What’s the point in having technology to secure and optimize your business if you don’t have enough business to make it worthwhile?

It’s difficult to answer this question in a way that refutes it: On average, nobody will disagree with the statement that the question poses.

The term “SEO,” stands for search engine optimization, and its goal is to increase the amount of money businesses can make on the web through advertising their business, in either organic or paid means.

At one point, when SEO experts discussed technology that improved businesses’ SEO, they were talking strictly about things like hyperlinking, managing a CMS (content management system) or structuring analytics to measure their digital marketing efforts. Sometimes they would even use SEO plugins to optimize on page factors.

But this method of web optimization is dead. Little if any evidence exists to suggest that putative SEO strategies themselves are truly successful in demand generation.

The subject of this article will be entirely different as it’ll pertain to technology that doesn’t just help your SEO, but also your security, client satisfaction, and revenue, and in a very literal sense, regardless of what industry your business is in.

This cloud based technology is often referred to as a web portal, but eFileCabinet’s is called SecureDrawer. Web portals are used to share sensitive information securely. Although SEO and security are the foremost benefits of these technologies, they concomitantly assist organizations in not only sharing a large number of files at once (and quickly), but also sharing files of any size.

Professionals in the financial services and accounting fields are learning to rely on web portals for assistance, as they’ve discovered sending email attachments with sensitive client data is no longer a safe practice, as this information can be breached.

This web portal improves a small business’s SEO (which is extremely important for small businesses, especially ones just getting started), by adding a custom branded URL to your business website’s domain.

For instance, if you were a SecureDrawer user, and your business was an online retailer for outdoors equipment (, the URL for the web portal page on your site would include SecureDrawer and some variant of your domain. There are two monetary benefits to this. One from an SEO perspective, and another from a client impression perspective.

The Benefit of the Web Portal from an SEO Perspective

For your clients to use the web portal service for sensitive file sharing, they’ll have to pay a visit to your website domain. The more people visit your domain (and the longer they stay on the domain), the greater your organic traffic will become from the search engines.

The Benefit of the Web Portal from a Client Impression Perspective

eFileCabinet customers who use SecureDrawer find that their clients are so impressed with the web portal concept (even prior to using it), that they’ll pay an additional fee to our customers to use it.

This has a more direct and tangible impact on revenue for our customers, but it’s only compounded by the SEO traffic they gain from a stronger organic presence on the web.

Credibility: An Indirect Way the Web Portal Benefits Users

Although less tangible than the previous two benefits, customers using a business’s web portal are likely to give credibility to the organization, and refer their friends to the same business. Using a web portal shows clients that you care about the safety of their information in an age of data breach, identify theft, and malicious cyber threats.

What’s more, the power in the web portal comes from the fact you can share information through it without even removing it or sending it anywhere, just like you would use a normal vault.

Rated best in the web portal business by CPA Practice Advisor, the SecureDrawer website is worth it, particularly if you work in healthcare, financial services, insurance, accounting, manufacturing, law, property management, or real estate.

However, it also is a great bet for any company working in a compliance-centric industry with strictures on how customer information is handled: the SSL and bank-grade encryption (256-bit) that SecureDrawer harnesses for information interchange makes it a paramount feature for client safety.