How Can Big Data and CMS Platforms Work Together?

Unless you’re one of a handful of IT executives at Fortune 500 tech companies, ‘Big Data’ and ‘CMS' platforms do not work together. You're managing a majority of your online presence through your CMS which stores immense amounts of realtime data. You're sitting on millions of dollars worth of oil but you lack the rig to access the value that is Business Intelligence gleaned from Big Data.

So what is ‘Big Data’ and why is it so valuable? By aggregating and analyzing large sets of data included but not limited to product data, site usage, financial transactions, inventory, locations, customer behavior and more, unprecedented insights can be leveraged to enable businesses to make data-driven decisions. Big Data companies make a fortune by building ways to display that data in an intuitive and interactive dashboard, totally customizable by you and built to make sense of all the data. The question is, how do you connect the two together?

Some solutions have emerged that involve too much manual work. Everything in your CMS is in a database that you’d need to analyze so connect your database(s) to a tool like Periscope and utilize their API to keep the data flowing? Sounds easy but it's not. If you have a fortune and the manpower to set up and manage that process, you wouldn't be reading this. The connection between Big Data and Content Management Systems is the next step in the evolution of the enterprise. Something has to give.

Thus far, no one has come up with an efficient way to leverage the tremendous amount of data that most CMS instances store. It is our opinion that the CMS provider(s) that find the way to leverage Big Data sitting in CMS databases in the most efficient and useful way possible will become the next giant in the CMS space.

Big Data has become a buzz word but unlike most buzz words it actually means exactly what it’s called, there is so much data about humans, earth, commerce, an endless web of transactions and information that can be analyzed to find patterns that provide unparalleled insight into our respective interests. As a species, we can avert crises — even war, natural disasters, and economic collapse — and make global advancements in the realms of science, technology, government, energy, and business.

In the world of business, critical decisions can be made based off of intelligence gleaned from pattern analysis and data mining of large data sets in their organization. Imagine leveraging all of your data using Business Intelligence to make the most informed decisions in brand awareness, marketing, sales, product development, strategic positioning, vendor selection, and content authoring, all tied into your CMS platform. Wouldn't it be nice?