Hippo Proud To Be Part of Apache Rave Top-Level Project

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has just announced that Apache Rave has “graduated” from the Apache Incubator to a full-fledged Top-Level Project (TLP). This indicates that the community and the products have been have all come together and been well-governed enough to garner the ASF’s TLP status.

Apache Rave is an Open Source platform that provides “easy-to-use infrastructure for building and integrating with social media standards including Activity Streams, OpenSocial, W3C Widgets and more.”

Hippo is extraordinarily proud to have been a part of Apache Rave from its very beginning. As Ate Douma Hippo’s Enterprise Architect said,

“Apache Rave takes the good bits from traditional Portals, leaves out whatever made them so heavy-weight and adds modern web technologies. We are proud to not only be an initiator, but a principal participant of this project. We plan to make Rave an integral part of our next generation context-aware content delivery platform.”

Developed completely on open standards, Apache Rave is supported by a number of organizations – including corporations, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions from around the globe. Hippo is a key contributor of course, but other organizations include The MITRE Corporation, Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute, SURFnet and OSS Watch.

Rave entered the Apache Incubator in 2011, and over that time successfully produced a number of code releases as it prepared for its production-ready v1.0. Additionally, the project received an “Honorable Mention” in the 2011 Open Source Rookies of the Year awards.

“We are extraordinarily excited to have so many participants and committers to the Apache Foundation,” said Jeroen Verberg CEO of Hippo. “We have more than 70 people on the Hippo Team – and the fact that we have 11 of them as Committers to the Apache Software Foundation speaks volumes about our commitment to Open Source and Open Standards. The Apache Rave project is really an important development for how Social Media will be included in enterprise content management. We really look forward to the continued collaboration in this community.”

For more information about ASF and Apache Rave, we invite you to visit their blog: http://bit.ly/HgX1tz