Flypaper Studio Releases Version 3.5 with Features that Extend Flypaper's Open Content Creation and Sharing Platform

Flypaper Studio, Inc., making high-impact Flash and motion graphics simple, has released a new version of its content creation software. Flypaper Version 3.5 has new features and updates that support demand for integration between content development tools, and a more open environment for content sharing and publishing. Additionally, Flypaper continues to make multi-touch content capability a focus for the digital signage and corporate learning markets.

“There is still little continuity between the many content creation and distribution platforms out there and it’s certainly not as open of an environment as it can, or should be,” said Don Pierson, president and COO of Flypaper. “The idea behind most of the work we did on this version was focused on our belief that Flypaper should integrate and interoperate with the other platforms and tools our customers use,” said Don Pierson, president and COO of Flypaper.

New features and benefits of Flypaper Version 3.5 include:

  • Photoshop File Import – Flypaper users can now directly import the native Photoshop files used by graphics and creative professionals into Flypaper without any additional conversion.
  • Multi-author Editing – This allows users to setup “master” and “subordinate” projects. Changes or edits to the subordinate projects are done without affecting the other parts of the larger master project. This makes localized content creation or small edits much quicker and easier.
  • PowerPoint 2010 File Import – For users who want to take an existing PowerPoint and kick it up a notch.
  • Publish SDK –Enables third party developers to create plug-ins that enable Flypaper users to publish their content directly to any content management system, such as a digital signage scheduler, learning management system, or website.
  • In total, Flypaper added over 40 new features and enhancements to version 3.5.

The new version also includes added functionality and support for multi-touch content, one of the most in-demand components of digital signage systems. At the Digital Signage Expo in February, Flypaper showcased the latest in multi-touch content capability with partners Elo Touch Systems, and Intel.

Scott Matthews of MG Digital is a Flypaper partner that uses Flypaper for its enablement to create high-impact Flash content that integrates seamlessly with the most advanced touch screens. “Touch screen technology remains a top interest, especially among digital signage users, and has changed the way we define interactive. Our customers want to develop content that not only engages the viewer on a tactical level, but also allows them to manipulate the content on the screen. This equates to higher offline conversions and stronger brand engagement.”

Version 3.5 is available now through and the company's resellers. A full list of pricing and reseller channels is available on the Flypaper website.

About Flypaper Studio, Inc.Flypaper Studio, Inc. is the developer of Flypaper, the leading Flash Content Creation Platform that empowers programmers and non-programmers alike to create, edit, share, track and reuse high-impact Flash and video content. Users benefit from hundreds of already available templates and components, or can create their own quickly and easily, with no prior development experience. Output from the application rivals the interactivity and quality of custom Flash development, but in a fraction of time and cost typically associated with such projects. For more information, visit