Flypaper releases 2.0 version of their Flash Content Management Platform

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Flypaper releases 2.0 version of their Flash Content Management Platform

Flypaper, developer of the popular Flash Content Management platform of the same name, have released version 2.0 of their award winning product.

Flypaper 2.0 includes nearly 30 new features that allow for greater end-user control and customization. Key enhancements include: automatically add one element to all pages with just a click; lock certain elements or entire projects so other users can’t make changes; and add custom fonts. These updates, as well as many others, make the Flypaper Flash Content Management Platform even more intuitive, user friendly and efficient for end-users.

The following are some key features and benefits:

  • Enterprise repository – Companies will have their own private repository where content and entire projects can be stored, accessed, modified and reused across the entire organization. This is especially useful for companies that are creating and repurposing content throughout several different departments and need quick access from one central location.
  • Collaboration – Users have real-time, Web-based collaboration capability and can export any element of a project then collectively mark up, edit, make notes, chat online, and view all collaborators per project.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) – An ideal development solution for Flash programmers producing high impact Flash programs for corporations. The Flypaper SDK allows Flash programmers to create and convert Flash files to the Flypaper format, making Flash programs and components editable by the customer for the first time ever. It frees the Flash programmer from mundane maintenance, allowing them to focus on the highly creative elements they love. The component SDK includes templates for Flash, Flex and ActionScript3, along with complete documentation.

Here is one of many demo videos available on their website:

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