First-Ever Sitecore Apps Unlock Mobile Marketing Capabilities

This week, Sitecore, the customer experience management software specialists, released its first-ever mobile applications to provide marketers with anywhere, anytime access to their  experience platform.

These applications, available on Windows 8.1 and iOS, have been developed using Sitecore’s Mobile SDK. The “Sitecore Executive Insight Dashboard” application for Windows 8.1 tablets and Apple iPad gathers customer engagement analytics and insights across touch-points and presents them in a simple mobile view.

The Sitecore iOS Media Uploade application allows marketers to upload rich media content, including high-resolution photos and videos, via an iOS mobile device directly to the Sitecore Media Library.

So, let's check out what these brand new apps can bring to the Sitcore marketing table.

Enhanced Marketing Flexibility

The Sitecore Executive Insight Dashboard, available for both Windows 8.1 and iOS, displays customer activity from across all touch points, giving marketers the ability to access engagement analytics and insights from mobile devices. Using these apps, marketers can make informed decisions about customer engagement while working on-the-go.

Customer activity is automatically added into existing customer intelligence profiles stored in Sitecore’s experience platform, which is accessible via the app. The dashboard increases marketer productivity with another access point to glean key insights from customer data and campaign engagement metrics, providing superior coverage of customer analytics.

The Sitecore iOS Media Uploader allows marketers to use mobile devices to feed rich media content directly into the Sitecore Media Library, where it will be immediately accessible through Sitecore’s Content Management System. Photos and videos uploaded via the iOS Media Uploader are instantly added to existing customer profiles and automatically tagged.

Upon the release of the apps, Mark Floisand, Vice President Product Marketing, Sitecore, had this to say:

“Marketers face increasing expectations from customers to deliver relevant and personalized online experiences, yet today’s marketers are always on-the-go, making it difficult to adjust engagement campaigns via web or software-based customer experience management systems. With the Sitecore Executive Insight Dashboard and Sitecore iOS Media Uploader, marketers now have access to key analytics and content repositories right from their mobile devices, increasing efficiency and giving marketers the ability to own the experience.”

Furthermore, both of these apps – which are the first Sitecore apps ever to be released, are completely free.

The “Sitecore Executive Insight Dashboard” can be downloaded for Windows 8.1 and iOS, whilst the “Sitecore iOS Media Uploader” is exclusive to iOS devices.

To find out more about Sitecore, visit their official website.

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