FatWire Launches New Social Computing Products for the Enterprise

FatWire Software, the largest independent provider of Web Experience Management (WEM) solutions, today announced two new products, FatWire Community Server and FatWire Gadget Server. These products enable organizations to harness the power of social computing to create personalized and interactive websites that will help drive customer engagement, loyalty and sales. Combined with FatWire’s WEM Suite, FatWire Community Server and FatWire Gadget Server provide enterprises with comprehensive capabilities for delivering an engaging web experience that will enable them to meet their marketing and business goals.

Organizations today need to use the web to engage their customers, prospects and partners in deeper and more personalized ways. Social computing features such as user-generated content (UGC) have become imperative capabilities for enabling organizations to create successful web experiences. FatWire Community Server, generally available today, offers organizations the ability to use UGC features to create an engaging website experience that is designed to optimize the value delivered to the business. FatWire Community Server not only offers UGC capabilities, but offers them natively integrated with the rest of the WEM suite, for robust manageability and scalability. With FatWire Community Server, enterprises can:

  • Easily implement social features such as comments, ratings, reviews and blogs on new or existing websites
  • Employ user-generated ratings or reviews to influence and change the content of dynamic sites
  • Harness UGC for the benefit of the business by using and re-using UGC assets throughout the site to deliver value for site visitors
  • Easily moderate and manage UGC with flexible tools to meet enterprise standards

“Our customers need to provide an increasing volume of relevant information and interactivity to their site visitors,” said David de Lama Serradilla, Manager of WEM and Social Media Solutions at Indra e-Business Division. “FatWire Community Server will be a critical tool in helping them to deliver this, driving tangible and immediate value for the business.”

Website visitors also expect to receive information that is tailored to their needs and can change as their interests change. Gadgets are an important tool for delivering this. Gadgets are small applications that can be placed on websites to provide a specific function or type of information, and can be personalized by site visitors. FatWire Gadget Server uses the power of gadgets to help organizations:

  • Enable site visitors to quickly and easily create their own gadget dashboards by selecting the gadgets they would like to use from a list made available to them by the organization
  • Offer end-user personalization of gadgets so site visitors can tailor gadget content to meet their specific needs
  • Enable business users to easily set up their own gadgets made of internal content, based on out-of-the-box gadgets provided with Gadget Server
  • Add their gadgets or third-party gadgets to any page of their web presence
  • Syndicate their gadgets to third-party sites for enterprise content syndication

FatWire Gadget Server is built on the OpenSocial / Google Gadget standards so that any compliant third-party gadgets (over a hundred thousand exist today) can be incorporated alongside FatWire gadgets on FatWire sites. And gadgets built with FatWire Gadget Server can be incorporated into any OpenSocial / Google Gadget standard-compliant webpage.

With Gadget Server organizations can offer site visitors the ability to personalize their own web experience, driving loyalty and repeat visits. Gadget Server also gives organizations the ability to extend their brand and business reach through syndicating out their content or functionality.

“Social software capabilities have become critical aspects of interactive marketing strategies,” said Kathleen Reidy, Senior Analyst at the 451 Group. “Many organizations are looking for these capabilities as part of broader web suites so they can easily use the tools to enrich the web experience, and so they can manage social content to enterprise standards.”

“To fully reap the benefits of social computing, organizations need solutions that are architected to derive the most value for the business,” said Yogesh Gupta, president and CEO of FatWire Software. “With Community Server and Gadget Server, FatWire continues to innovate aggressively to give organizations the Web Experience Management tools they are demanding.”