eZ Web Content Management platform gets even better with eZ Publish 4.3

eZ is proud to announce the release today of eZ Publish 4.3, the exciting new version of its market-leading Open Source Content Management System. This release is a milestone in the evolution of eZ Publish. A New Administration Interface improves the user experience of editors and administrators, an expanded commenting system boosts End User Generated Content, and the TeamRoom collaboration solution has joined the ranks of certified eZ Publish extensions. In addition, many more improvements and new functionalities have made their way into the 4.3 release.

A New Administration Interface

The redesigned Administration Interface is a milestone for eZ Publish, significantly improving user experience application-wide, and boosting productivity. In the Administration Interface, the dashboard is now the default landing space for users in the administration, providing access to the latest and greatest assets such as user drafts, pending items, and more. in order to improve user experience, eZ has reshaped the Administration Interface along rigorous guidelines:to optimize the work space, streamlining the interface, and removing redundant or under-used itemsreduce the number of clicks to get things done,leverage Ajax technology to provide more dynamic features without requesting reloads of the full page A full-screen edition mode immerses users in their content, increasing efficiency and ease of use in the Administration Interface.

Content Engine is at the core of eZ Publish, allowing users to define their own content structures and content types in unbeatable time frames and without additional development. With this new release, eZ makes this Content Engine even more powerful thanks to improvements in the way content types are managed.

Unsurpassed User Generated Content

eZ Publish 4.3 provides a brand new User Generated Content module for advanced commenting by end users–the next step towards engaging users more successfully on your websites.
User Generated Content goes far beyond simple commenting. The new system includes user registration and subscription to push notification of activity on the commented items, self-edition of comments and full comment control, for a best-of-breed user comment feature on your websites.
The built-in setup of the User Comment system fits most use cases, however, the system is flexible enough for your most niche demands: add form fields, captcha, change role permissions, change templates–everything is customizable and extensible, in accordance with eZ' design philosophy !

Teamroom, the Collaboration Solution, based on eZ Publish

The Teamroom collaboration solution is a full-featured collaboration portal enabling users to share their information in an efficient and straight-forward manner.

Teamroom facilitates project planning and management. With Teamroom organizations can plan, manage and control projects and project teams, build a project-specific knowledge base of documents, discussions, blogs and any other relevant information; optimize communication in accordance with Enterprise 2.0 software best practices, exchange and discuss relevant news and information, plan milestones and tasks, organize dates and events, manage, archive discussions via message boards, organize all your projects in a single, centralized location with flexible, fully customizable permission options.

Other news and improvements

In addition to the main features introduced above, the reliability and quality of eZ Publish 4.3 has made significant strides beyond its predecessors. With eZ Publish 4.3, end users benefit from many enhancements and minor bug fixes as well as improved documentation, and testing, including an updated eZ Find with better multi-lingual handling, facets, performance enhancements, a new eZ Script Monitor extension for background script processing, updates to the eZ JS Core, eZ Multiupload, and eZ Survey modules, an improved LDAP login handler, and an updated iPhone Web Application.

A number of promising new extensions are on track for eZ Premium service certification in eZ Publish 4.3, extending the platform in exciting new ways. The CMIS Client, a collaboration with eZ's business partner NXC, provides full CMIS 1.0 client support to eZ Publish, the CJW Newsletter is a new additional module for newsletter management, while XRow e-commerce provides a global e-commerce solution on top of eZ Publish. Many other extensions are forthcoming.

About eZ Publish

eZ Publish is an award-winning enterprise-grade Open Source Web Content Management platform that help businesses publish any type of information, anywhere by anyone. Powering more than 200 000 websites globally, eZ Publish is used for web publishing, media portals, intranets and e-commerce solutions.
The powerful content engine, digital media functionality and ease of use has made eZ Publish the preferred choice of the media industry. A preference shared by thousands of multinational corporations, ministries and top educational institutions around the world.
This proven enterprise-grade Web Content Management System comes with both a commercially supported Premium version and a free Open Source version.
About eZ

Founded in 1999, eZ Systems is the world's largest Open Source Content Management software company with offices in the US, Japan, France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and Norway.
eZ Systems is the creators of eZ Publish, the award winning enterprise-grade Open Source Web Content Management Platform, which is used by more than 200 000 websites in more than 160 countries.
As the open source alternative for top tier web content management, customers include United States Navy and French Ministry of Defense, Harvard and MIT, Lagardere group, CNBC and Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, T-Mobile, France Telecom and Orange, Sparkassen, Banque Populaire and Oslo Stock Exchange.