eZ Systems releasing eZ Platform version 2.5, their longterm supported version of eZ Platform version 2.

eZ Systems announced the release of a new version of eZ Platform, its easy-to-use, developer and editor friendly digital platform. This new, much-awaited, version (2.5) is the long term supported release (LTS) for the version 2 innovation cycle that reaches its final point. It is full-featured and ready for Customers to launch and build their digital experiences.

It provides all the novelties that were introduced in version 2 development, especially:

  • The new, easy-to-use Page Builder, providing best-in-class editorial experience and unequaled automation capabilities. Unlike other site and page builders, eZ Platform’s new component is designed to be simply and sustainably extended and customized by enterprises for their own needs.
  • Its direct companion, the Form Builder, will allow organizations to capture information from their audience in an efficient and controlled way while respecting privacy requirements and providing developers with all means to customize the interactions with the end-users.
  • The re-designed Workflow engine builds on top of the content platform which finally lets organizations define and enforce complex editorial business processes while ensuring a straightforward and streamlined user experience for both editors and administrators.

As is always the case with eZ Systems software, a substantial effort has been made to ensure that the platform is first and foremost a productive, efficient and innovative technical solution for developers and designers to customize and extend quickly to meet the needs of each specific business need. For that,  it embraces the PHP Symfony framework more closely than ever, offering the most complete Symfony CMS solution on the market place. The platform has also been designed having in mind eZ Platform and eZ Publish prior users, ensuring there is a clear and quick path for them to upgrade their projects from either eZ Publish or eZ Platform version 1 to version 2.

Together with this v2.5 release comes a list of smaller yet crucial improvements for developers such as:

  • Stable, full-featured GraphQL API allowing developers to implement headless content management projects with speed and ease of use, eliminating the limitation of the RESTful APIs.
  • The foundation for supporting different database systems starting with PostgreSQL that is now fully supported, in addition to MySQL and MariaDB.
  • The introduction of the Webpack Encore web asset delivery system that will simplify and further improve the management of CSS, javascript, icons and other web assets.

We’re delighted today to ship this LTS version to our customers and users, the result of 18 months of development in collaboration with our customers and partners and now supported for the long run. It is the most powerful yet simple to use version of eZ Platform for both developers and editors. A great software for all eZ Publish, Symfony and PHP developers to work with on their new and existing projects.” – Roland Benedetti, Chief Product and Marketing Officer

eZ Systems is continuously looking for ways to enhance eZ Platform’s features and to make it simple and easy to use for editors and developers alike. For this release, we focused heavily on improving both our editorial and developer capabilities. We wanted to provide more comfort, speed and productivity for editors when managing content and to allow developers to extend and customize the platform more easily, but also facilitate their daily task by embracing more closely new development standards such as GraphQL or the Symfony framework.

eZ Platform is immediately available in both Open Source and Enterprise editions. To discover it or to contact eZ Systems, please visit https://ez.no To get a better overview on eZ Platform updates we recommend visiting eZ’s blog here.