eZ Systems releases eZ Platform 1.10

eZ Systems has released a new update to eZ Platform, their enterprise CMS. This release is heavily geared towards developers as most of the changes are aimed at them, however, there are a few small visible changes for content editors.

The first is the inclusion of tables within the content editor, meaning you can now insert and use them within content regions:

For developers, the changes include items such as:

  • The public API is now much simpler to use when trying to access and use translated content
  • For those who use Solr, you can now use the Solr bundle to create search facets on Content Types, Sections and Users
  • Developers now have the ability to configure index time boosting within Solr, which lets them tune search results to provide more relevant results to users
  • New Design System – The new design system allows developers to better manage the designs (meaning templates and design assets) they want to apply to their sites. It lets them define Themes and build Designs from those themes with the ability to share and override themes. It’s a great feature for those building multisite solutions with eZ Platform.

Additional changes can be found here: https://doc.ez.no/x/CwcIAg so be sure to take a read through.