eZ Extends the Capabilities of itsDigital Experience Platform (DXP) with Advanced and B2B Commerce Capabilities for Digital Experiences

eZ Systems, the digital experience company, announced today it has  acquired an e-commerce software from silver.solutions, the e-commerce  solution provider specializing in delivering B2B e-commerce  solutions. This deal strengthens eZ Systems’ offering, covering the  full spectrum of modern digital experiences, enabling it to accelerate  the development of new e-commerce capabilities.

“From the outset, silver.solutions developed its commerce technology  on top of eZ Platform and Symfony so it was a natural choice for us to  make this acquisition,” says Bertrand Maugain, co-CEO and CCO at eZ  Systems. “Unlike some of our  competitors, we are not adding a new disjointed technology to our  portfolio but building upon the solid and compact foundation that eZ  Platform offers.” He adds, “As we have evolved from being a pure CMS  provider to become a true DXP vendor – where content,  commerce, personalization, interoperability and extensibility are key  elements – so has the need for us to be able to respond to changing  market conditions in a fast and agile manner.”

A long-time partner of eZ, silver.solutions originally developed its  commerce technology as an extra layer on top of eZ’s earlier technology.  Since 2017, silver.solutions developed an e-commerce solution embracing  eZ Platform v2 and in  2018 partnered with eZ Systems to engineer and offer its e-commerce  capability as part of the eZ solution under the eZ Commerce name. As of  today numerous customers have benefited from the synergies of having  both technologies work seamlessly and flawlessly  together.

“We at silver.solutions are delighted about the acquisition as eZ  Systems has the engineering resource and vision to develop the core  product further. This enables us to concentrate on developing B2B  e-commerce add-ons and adapt the software  to meet specific customer requests. silver.solutions will continue  offering its existing e-commerce solution silver.eShop. Thus we can  offer two solutions to our customers depending on their requirements and  strategy,” says Ania Hentz, CEO, silver.solutions.

Roland Benedetti Chief Product Officer at eZ Systems added:  “Increasingly, Enterprises need to enable their customers to transact  online in a smooth, secure and easy way, e-commerce has become a core  part of what Digital Experience Platforms  need to offer. Integrating an e-commerce solution as a core part of our  platform, we can extend the set of capabilities our platform offers. In  particular, we can now provide strong integration capabilities with  business back-ends such as ERP and CRM systems  like MS Dynamics, SAP or others.”

silver.solutions’ team will support eZ during the transition period  and eZ will ramp-up resources dedicated to the development of more  e-commerce capabilities and will accelerate investment in the  development of the software.  As a strong  partner and experienced e-commerce experts, silver.solutions will  continue to develop innovative B2B e-commerce solutions and their  successful business as a full-service provider.