ExpressionEngine CMS version 2.2 hits the wild

ExpressionEngine 2.2 is now available for download.  This is a major release and brings improvements on a number of fronts: a new file module (and related enhancements), speed/code optimization, a developer friendly authorization library, 180+ bug fixes, CP user experience tweaks, and improved documentation.

Some more on the changes:

  • The Comment Control Panel received a significant performance overhaul and will load faster and handle significantly more comments.
  • It eliminates redundant cookies and now features salted passwords for better security.
  • Over 60 bugs have been squashed.
  • Developers can start using the Authentication library, which simplifies user authentication and aligns ExpressionEngine development closer to PHP 5 coding practices.
  • Documentation has been improved and simplified in areas that could be common sources of confusion.

You can get the latest version from or read the full announcement.