EvoWeb Technologies Releases EWCart, First eCommerce Platform to Provide Free Dedicated Developer Along With Platform

Today EvoWeb Technologies released EWCart, an entirely new eCommerce solution designed for small businesses that want a reliable, secure, fast eCommerce platform with the added bonus of their own web development team at no extra charge. This affordable, full-featured new platform will include full maintenance and support, and top-of-the-line servers, while also providing customers with a bespoke website and a personal account manager, giving them the tools they need to succeed.

While other eCommerce platforms will only include the platform itself, EWCart aims to stand-out by providing users with a full-fledged eCommerce solution. They provide small businesses with everything they need to sell, update inventory, track orders, and accept payments, as well as their own web development team that can tailor their business website to their needs. This will save businesses thousands in seed capital and maintenance fees, as EWCart takes care of that as well.

EvoWeb Technologies has discovered the high cost of starting an eCommerce website, notably the fees to hire a developer to redesign a template to suit sellers business after paying eCommerce platforms fees. “The eCommerce industry is growing faster than we can all imagine but the cost of set-up is preventing lots of sellers from leveraging on this fantastic market,” the CEO of EvoWeb Technologies, Mustafa Hussaini, noted.

Statista estimated there are no lesser than 1.6 billion digital buyers worldwide and predicted there will be 2.14 billion in 2021. Buyers are reportedly tapping into these customers base and most of them get discouraged due to the cost of designing and hosting their online store.

According to Atlantic Business Technology Inc., the cost of starting an eCommerce website can range from $5,000 to $100,000. On careful analysis, this cost always starts from $20-$60 and can escalate due to the cost of hiring developers to customize the website.

In response to the cost challenges and difficulty in management, the EvoWeb Technologies group of programmers designed an eCommerce platform, EWCart, which offers fully customizable eCommerce platforms that are affordable and easy to manage by all sellers.

To access the platform claimed to be the best and most affordable for all sellers by its parent company, visit https://www.ewcart.io. To check their plans, packages and other offers, use this URL https://www.ewcart.io/pricing. To speak with one of their support team members, email hello@ewcart.io or call +1 (323) 607-5424.