Evolve Creative: A Web Design Agency Powered by LightCMS

During our LightCMS featured week, we’ve focused heavily on what makes the platform such an asset for web design agencies and solo web developers through its Developer Program.

The LightCMS Developer Program facilitates white labelling and re-selling of the website builder, in a way that allows developers to build a business without having to venture outside of the LightCMS platform at all.


With unlimited websites, pages, hosting and all of LightCMS’ core features including blogging and eCommerce, a web design agency can set up shop with LightCMS – literally.

But I think we’ve seen enough talk. It’s time to see LightCMS powering a web design agency for real.

Evolve Creative

Evolve Creative is a digital design agency that relies heavily on LightCMS.

The design and branding agency white labels LightCMS as EvolveCMS, boasts its own custom templates, and builds upon LightCMS for each project that demands it.


The company originally used Joomla to build client websites, but they wanted a hosted solution which was more manageable when it came to updates and security.

The change took place in 2007, when Evolve Creative Founder Sarah Hokuf found LightCMS, and never really looked back.

With regards to using LightCMS, Sarah Hokuf had plenty of praise to dish out:

“LightCMS has been a big part of our growth. More than 90 percent of our sites are on LightCMS, so it’s a key player in the services we offer.

Clients can have a great presence online and know that their site is always going to be up.

They don’t have to worry about technical maintenance and can focus on their business, not monitoring downtime or uptime. It’s also great to be able to offer LightCMS with no limitations in pages and storage.”

So, Evolve Creative make use of all the benefits I mentioned in my previous coverage of LightCMS’ Developer Program, including white labelling, re-selling at a higher monthly price, drag-and-drop page building, FTPS and full code access, and more.

For me, it’s always interesting to see how a program like this handles in reality. Discussing feature sets on paper is one thing, but watching LightCMS give life to a successful web design agency seriously drives home the usefulness of their Developer Program.

To wrap up this featured week, we’ll soon be releasing a video interview with a LightCMS executive. Stay tuned!

To find out more about LightCMS, check out their website, and also their CMS Critic directory listing.