EpiServer ramps up Search Capabilities by acquiring Enterprise Search Solutions Provider

In a move consistent with the way the market seems to be going over the last couple of years, EPiServer has announced that it acquired 200OK AB, a Swedish enterprise search solutions provider.

Bringing in 200OK AB's technology helps EPiServer meet the emerging need of its market as customers consistently seek solutions offering enhanced content capabilities to drive conversions and improve results online, including more personalized content delivery across channels. This move also better positions EpiServer to compete amidst a growing, competitive market.

200OK AB's “Truffler” product scales to handle large amounts of information—including user data, social and mobile web content, and product and online transaction data. The solution applies next-generation data management strategies, wherein organizing content and unstructured data are key to streamlined content delivery. With this purchase, EPiServer creates the opportunity for organizations to reduce the boundaries between a website and content housed in other sources by making that data available to the business user or content owner.

“Our goal is to continuously deliver innovative solutions that help marketers and e-commerce experts generate results online by working with content in the best possible way , ” Martin Henricson, CEO of EPiServer said. “This acquisition accelerates our pace of innovation and helps our customers efficiently deliver the right content at the right time to their online users.”

The technology supports a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution with fast and efficient deployment and short release cycles for new business solutions. It also facilitates expedited time-to-market for new online initiatives. Leveraging the power of EPiServer Everweb hosting to deliver multi-tenant hosted services, the 200OK AB solution gives marketers and e-commerce experts access to a highly-accessible, scalable cloud solution per their needs.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Learn more about EpiServer from http://www.episerver.com