Ephox announces version 3 of WebRadar for IBM Web Content Manager

WebRadar is an automated content reporting and analytics application designed by Ephox exclusively for IBM Web Content Manager. Version 3 was just recently announced and brings with it a number of new features.

WebRadar 3 delivers new user-focused features, which include advanced reporting capabilities, charting, personalized dashboards, report sharing, and email notifications. WebRadar 3 also leverages new workflow and project features introduced in version 7.0 of IBM Web Content Manager.

  • Expanded Reporting Features
    Now you can now run thousands of different reports related to content in IBM Web Content Manager. Users have access to a report building engine that provides the power they need to run reports that matter to them.  WebRadar 3 also comes with custom pie and bar charts for each report created.
  • Project Reporting
    New reporting criteria is available to work with IBM Web Content Manager 7.0’s new project capabilities. Project reporting makes it easy to identify which content items might delay the publication of your project.  If you want to know how many times your home page has been updated, by which projects, and when, then WebRadar 3 delivers.
  • Advanced Multi-Edit Features
    With WebRadar 3, the number of fields available for editing has expanded. Now making changes to multiple pieces of content is simpler and more effective. You can easily move content between site areas and assign existing content to new workflows, reassign content authoring tasks, update content expiration dates, adjust permissions, or extend web campaigns.
  • Charting
    Analyze large, detailed result sets quickly with new charting capabilities.  View data according to any of the IBM Web Content Manager metadata fields.  You no longer need to wade through reams of data to get meaningful insights from your web content management system.
  • Designed for Multiple Departments
    WebRadar 3 introduces a wide array of enhancements that make content reporting and content analytics available to a broader user base. WebRadar 3 can now be used by IT, Marketing, HR, Content Managers, Content Authors, and other departments who publish web content.
  • Personalized Dashboards
    WebRadar 3 comes fully loaded with customizable dashboards. Now WebRadar users have easy access to the reports that help them manage, analyze, and modify content that they’re responsible for.
  • Create, Share, and Email Reports
    Users can create daily or weekly report subscriptions delivered directly to their inbox.  Reports can be saved as spreadsheets or PDFs and can be shared with anyone within the organization.
  • New Permission Settings
    Gain a higher level of security with WebRadar 3’s new permission parameters. WebRadar’s varying levels of permissions allow you to grant or prevent access from creating and viewing reports to multi-edit functions.  

Here is a video demonstrating the capabilities of WebRadar version 3:


To learn more, visit http://webradarwcm.com