Engagio Launches First Engagement-Based Attribution Capability for Measuring Both Marketing and Sales Impact

Engagio announced Engagement Minute Attribution for Dash, the company’s account based attribution solution. Dash is now the first attribution offering that analyzes the impact of both marketing and sales activity together. Other solutions only track the impact of marketing campaigns and ignore sales and SDR efforts, as well as non-campaign activities, such as lead nurturing and web visits. The result is an incomplete view of what is required to drive business outcomes. It is critical to understand how the combination of marketing and sales work together so revenue teams can optimize spend and headcount.

“Marketing has shifted from being perceived as the arts and crafts department to a real revenue driver,” said Jon Miller, founder and CEO of Engagio. “A significant aspect to driving and forecasting revenue is understanding what programs are the most effective. Traditional marketing attribution tools have been a good first step, but they have left out the impact of sales and sales development, which are essential in Account Based Marketing and outbound models. With our new Engagement Minute Attribution, we are making it easier to see how both marketing and sales play a role in driving revenue together.”

Engagio uses the concept of time spent (minutes) to illustrate if an account is engaged and ready to move to the next stage. The software uniquely enables B2B marketers to understand the behavior of multiple people within an account, and then visualizes activity at an account level. Now, marketers can get more granular and examine the key activities that drive engagement by team. It is not about assigning credit, rather revenue teams can optimize the types of joint programs and initiatives they execute together to more effectively close deals or expand further into the account.

Engagio’s new attribution capabilities allow marketers to:

  • Align journey analytics and attribution with the activities that drive engagement at the account level
  • Consider and compare the relative impact of all touches, including web visits, intent data and especially high engagement activities such as sales calls and meetings
  • Move beyond campaign tracking to understand the impact of the entire revenue team
  • Measure business outcomes along the entire buyer’s journey, pre and post-purchase

“We are having great success with Account Based Marketing, and the next step for our team was to obtain a richer understanding of which programs and efforts are working the best from a holistic viewpoint,” said Jana Grube, Demand Generation Leader at Marchex, a publicly-listed provider of call analytics and call tracking solutions. “With Engagio’s Dash, we have had the ability to understand which marketing programs are working and where we should invest more. Now with Engagement Minute Attribution, we can also see which sales touches are the most helpful. Having this complete picture has helped us optimize outbound efforts significantly.”

To learn more about these new Dash capabilities, join the Engagio team on Tuesday March 12 at 10am PT: